Local Company Makes Educational Video Games

Ben Rueter |

Did you know Eau Claire has a game developer helping people to solve real-life problems? Timm Boettcher, president of Realityworks, describes the company as an “experiential learning company.” The company is split into three departments, each focusing on a separate form of education. “Our RealCare family of infant simulations helps prepare youths for dealing with an infant. … Our RealCareer family of employment and financial skills simulations help prepare students for a successful career. … Our RealChoices family of products help prepare students for the difficult choices they have to make in life,” said Boettcher. Their games involving business education for students recently won the award for 2011 “Best in Tech” award from Scholastic Administr@tor magazine. Their business games have not only been a hit with the critics, but also with the students. “The engagement with students is phenomenal. They love to use the game to apply the concepts they were taught in the classroom and compete against fellow students,” said Boettcher. Realityworks is looking to expand their areas of focus to things like technical education, consumer sciences, health sciences, manufacturing, and potentially STEM. Right now, Realityworks is looking towards helping students achieve industry recognized certifications prior to graduation as well as expanding their game developing tools outside of schools and into the workforce.