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$100k Added to Business and Entrepreneur fund

Ben Rueter

It looks like businesses and eager entrepreneurs in the Chippewa Valley could be getting a boost soon thanks to a recent grant of $100,000 from Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. The money was awarded to Innovation Foundation of Western ...

Schooled on Kubb

the Kubb Capital of North America starts 'em young

Ben Rueter

Kubb has been tossed around the Chippewa Valley for a good few years now and it’s only getting more popular each year. Not only are adults enjoying knocking wooden blocks over but kids are getting in on the trend ...

British adventurer to speak at The Grand Theatre

Ben Rueter

Some days I wish an old wizard would knock on my door and offer to take me on an adventure. Dave Cornthwaite did not wait for wizard tricks to spark his imagination. He stepped out his front door and starting going on adventures all on his own ...

River Theatre on the Way?

CVTG hoping for riverbank amphitheater development

Ben Rueter

Eau Claire is slowly putting riverfront development plans in motion and you can see some hints of progress down on Grand Avenue. Still, right now it doesn’t look like much and Ann Sessions, Executive Director at the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild ...

Stout Alum Produces Woodstock Doc

Ben Rueter

What started as just another concert soon became a pop culture phenomenon. It’s probably “the” concert and if you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re talking about Woodstock 1969. A UW-Stout alum was there. “The fact that I went to Woodstock made ...

Eau Claire's Comic Con

second annual convention features local artists

Ben Rueter

Eau Claire is letting geeks be geeks at this year’s Eau Claire Comic Con. If you stop by the Metropolis Hotel on the weekend of September 8, you’ll find not only a vast collection of comics but sculptures, models, cards, shopping, video games ...

To LEED or Not to LEED, That Is the Question

Green certifications carry weight, but come with an equally hefty price tag

Ben Rueter, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Looking back 10 years ago you would be hard pressed to find the amount of “green” thinking that is going into our food and the buildings that support a sustainable environment. Yet all of it comes at a cost ...

Frogiyo Sweetens Downtown

new frozen yogurt shop opens near Phoenix Park

Ben Rueter, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Sweet and simple is the perfect way to sum up Eau Claire’s new frozen yogurt place named Frogiyo settled right next door to the Smiling Moose.

Cottage Winery

Menomonie winery goes for European feel

Ben Rueter, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Set back in the hills near Menomonie is a place that looks like it’s been stolen from the German countryside and place in our little nook of Wisconsin. The Cottage Winery and Vineyard, which opens in late May, has just that vibe going for it ...

Glue Man

short film by Found Footage founders winning awards

Ben Rueter

You see them on VH1 and the History Channel. Talking heads that offer one solid piece of information that takes you through a transition on to the next topic. Joe Pickett and Nick Prueher – co-founders of the Found Footage Festival – call these ...

Using Plants for Interior Design

local plant experts lend their advice

Ben Rueter

Remember that surge of warm weather we had recently and maybe you thought this would be a great time to get a head start on beautifying your home’s exterior with the flower garden? That warm weather ended and now it’s back to normal spring ...

Legit Music to Beat on Mount Simon

Ben Rueter

Techno beats and drops will shake Mt. Simon Park and avid local technophiles with “Legit Music.” The “Legit Music” event will shuffle various techno beat masters from the Eau Claire area. Those interested in what they hear can pick up the ...

Like a Fox

Fanny Hill to debut new farce Fox on the Fairway

Ben Rueter, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Up next for the Fanny Hill theater troupe is the exceptionally funny Fox on the Fairway production, set to debut in April. Don Hodgins, the theater’s director and a cast member, said the show is going to be very easy to enjoy for fans of golf ...

Talkin’ Taverns

assessing the socialization potential of several Valley bars

Trevor Kupfer, Lindsey Quinnies, Ben Rueter, Thom Fountain, Eric Christenson, Jodie Arnold, Pooky McPookums, Chelsey Rueth, Trevor Peterson, Leah Dunbar

The Joynt on Water St. is a mildly hidden gem between the piles of birthday mugs and Journey standards of Brothers and the bold yellow awning of New York Pizza and Deli. But, that said, locals know it well for the sheer character it exudes. The ...

Leppard, Maiden will Melt Your Face at Rockfest

Ben Rueter

Def Leppard and Iron Maiden are two of the top performers that will be headlining this year’s Rockfest this July in Cadott. Fans of Maiden will be able to see them perform on Saturday, and Def Leppard fans (who’ve patiently waited a year to see ...

Exploring Snapshots of UWEC's Past

Ben Rueter

A year ago, if you wanted to get a look at the UW-Eau Claire’s past, you had to sort through a cabinet full of randomly assorted photos sitting out in the campus library’s reading room. Added to which inconvenience is that the photos were not ...

From Heart Breaks to Brotherly Love

Chippewa folk-rocker Matthew McDonough’s new album

Ben Rueter

Matthew “Mogey” McDonough’s new album Elysium: A Condition of Ideal Happiness can be categorized as lighthearted, folksy, Augustana kind of goodness. His album racks up 11 songs ranging from heart breaks to brotherly love. For the most part, the ...

Menomonie Considers Backyard Chickens

Ben Rueter

Last year in Eau Claire, the backyard battle to raise chickens within city limits came to an end with the city council rejecting the movement. Now the movement has sprung up again. This time in Menomonie. “It’s the practice of getting back to ...

The Giant Pumpkin Throwdown

local friends’ challenge to grow the biggest pumpkin

Ben Rueter, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The rules of the event are simple: everyone involved has to throw in $5. The person who grows the heaviest pumpkin will receive half of the pot, second heaviest receives 30 percent, and the rest goes to the most interesting pumpkin-growing story.

Local Company Makes Educational Video Games

Ben Rueter

Did you know Eau Claire has a game developer helping people to solve real-life problems? Timm Boettcher, president of Realityworks, describes the company as an “experiential learning company.”

Using Video Games To Enhance Community

Ben Rueter

There’s plenty of game companies that try and educate people through physical games. But the good people at the Knight Foundations and Area/Code are taking educational gaming to a very specific level; to see if local communities can solve local