Frogiyo Sweetens Downtown

new frozen yogurt shop opens near Phoenix Park

Ben Rueter, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

Open since late April, Frogiyo will soon be ramping its frozen yogurt topping selection up from 12 to 50.
Open since late April, Frogiyo will soon be ramping its frozen yogurt topping
selection up from 12 to 50.

Sweet and simple is the perfect way to sum up Eau Claire’s new frozen yogurt place named Frogiyo settled right next door to the Smiling Moose.

Frogiyo quietly opened its doors a few weeks ago and will have their grand opening next week. The name Frogiyo comes from a combination of “froyo” – slang for frozen yogurt – and a brainstorming session with owner Colleen Weber’s children. Weber said Eau Claire needed a frozen yogurt place now and that the downtown area is the best location for one.

“It’s got personality and a ton of traffic,” Weber said.

Weber created Frogiyo with interactivity in mind. She said Frogiyo is meant to be a fun place to hang out and enjoy frozen snacks.

“It’s as much about the food product as it is to the social atmosphere,” Weber said.

The walls and floor glow with bright colors yet don’t overwhelm the simplistic décor that should give groups of friends plenty of breathing room and space to dash to the frozen yogurt machines and toppings.

Right now you can choose from 12 different topping and when Frogiyo is fully operation a total of 50 toppings will be at your disposal. Weber said soon Frogiyo will be offering more healthy toppings and  yogurt. Watch for fruits, sugar free yogurt and even smoothies in June.

Weber said that social media is playing a big role in how she wants to communicate with the community. She said that the specials will be changing on a daily basis so the only way you will know what’s cool at the moment is stop in or check Frogiyo’s Facebook page.

Weber is also planning to get Frogiyo involved with the community with fundraisers on a local level. She hopes with the steady community involvement this will make it seem less like frozen yogurt chains and more like a community driven business.

“It’s growing there’s good energy here,” Weber said.

The dog days of summer may seem far away now but you might owe it to yourself to look for updates and specials on Frogiyo’s Facebook page to satisfy your sweet-tooth.

Frogiyo is at 331 Riverfront Terrace in Eau Claire. They are open daily from noon to 9pm.