A Triathlon with a Roof

Emily Diehl, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Gold’s Gym’s Cardio Cinema

I suppose you could swim, bike, and run through winter, but most people are looking for ways out of the cold while still accomplishing the same active effect. Well Gold’s Gym has an idea to remedy the situation. On November 14, the Eau Claire facility will host their first annual indoor triathlon for people ages 13 and up. People will swim, bike, and run, all using their existing indoor accommodations (pool, cardio cinema, etc.). Participants will get a set amount of time to perform each activity and their scores will be based on their distances reached during that time. Forget the polar plunges and burn of cold air in your lungs, and check this out! Find the Eau Claire branch through the website GoldsGym.com for all the details.