Picture Perfect Pets Photo Contest Winners

the pets you voted into the top spots of the photo contest

Here are the pets you voted into the top spots of Volume One’s pet photo contest. Winners receive gift certificates to Pet Food Plus and Paws & Claws.

1st, Dogs: Sarah Schneider

2nd, Dogs:
Donielle Moldenhauer

3rd, Dogs (tied):
Dave Power

3rd, Dogs (tied):
Bianca Pasternack

1st, Cats:
Renee LaRonge

2nd, Cats: Stacy Shiffer

3rd, Cats:
Alex Moist

1st, Exotic Pets:
Alana Roshell

2nd, Exotic Pets: Janna Erickson

3rd, Exotic Pets:
Jennifer Johnson

1st, Action Shots
: Lauren Haugh

2nd, Action Shots:
Dave Power

3rd, Action Shots (tied):
John Qualheim

3rd, Action Shots (tied): Mindy Renton

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