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Local Harvest Schedule

Get your food when it was meant to be gotten! Make sure you’re buying your stuff in season! Don’t know when that is? Here’s a handy chart that should last you through the summer.

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Foodie Fests

Menomonie celebrates pickles and salsa

If you are one who loves perusing farmers markets, checking out unique artisan work, or doing any of the other satisfying activities that are possible when you wake up before noon on Saturday mornings ...

Celebrating Dairyland

a unique love of farming is deeply ingrained in wisconsin

‘Do you still milk?” I asked Jim at a recent gathering. “No,” he told me. “My son tells me the most help I can be is to stay out of the way,” he joked. We both agreed that was hard. Dairying gets in your blood ...

EGGciting Reading

egg book is perfect for readers with a surplus of eggs and a sense of humor

Egg lovers: rejoice, and egg layers: FLEE! Local yolkel Uncle Eggbert (alias: retired UW-Stout lecturer David Tank) has written a must-read cookbook for backyard chicken owners and protein enthusiasts in general. Uncle Eggbert’s Egg Book is a lighthearted collection of egg recipes ...

Dairy Diary

one woman's self-guided tour through some of the region's best dairy breakfasts in all their cheesy glory

Let me begin with a confession: I’m kind of obsessed with breakfast food. When McDonald’s announced plans to offer its breakfast menu all day, I was delighted. Breakfast, with its perfect balance ...

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