A Passion - Not a Hobby

Fri. Apr. 7th, 2017

Hillary Bell

president of Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club talks the future of Midwest car collectors

A car might be just a car to some people, something to get them to work, to home, and to places in-between, but to the president of the Wisconsin Car Enthusiast Club, Alex Martinez, cars ...

Grand Little Bridge

Fri. Apr. 7th, 2017

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

some things you may not think about when crossing the river

A patchy, crumbling concrete strip stretches from one side of the Chippewa River to the other. You can walk out on it, scuffling over loose pebbles as you go ...

"An Evil Gal Who Wants to Rule the World..."

Fri. Apr. 7th, 2017

Rob Reid

Mystery Science Theater 3000 star slings jokes and stories

“Pursued by a woman whose name is Pearl / an evil gal who wants to rule the world…” Fans of the television cult favorite Mystery Science Theater 3000 will know the above song lyric reference to Pearl Forrester ...

The Hunt Is On

Fri. Apr. 7th, 2017

Hannah Mumm

if you look hard enough, you can find some amazing wild mushrooms with these helpful tips from the experts

April showers bring May … mushrooms? It’s true. As the weather warms and the snow melts, hundreds of fungi are preparing to break through the forest floor. For Tavis Lynch, a Wisconsin-based mycologist ...

Spotted in Eau Claire: Community Care Cabinet

Fri. Apr. 7th, 2017

Mike Paulus, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Check out this thoughtful "Community Care Cabinet" set up right outside Smiling Moose Deli across from the Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market in Phoenix Park. A note on the door reads …