Diving for the Truth

I’m not sure I trust B.J. Hollars anymore. It’s not that Hollars has done anything untrustworthy to me. In fact – and please forgive me for injecting myself into this story – the UW-Eau Claire English professor

Power Chords

Dave Power’s easily one of the hardest working musicians in all of Eau Claire. When not drumming, managing and booking for Adelyn Rose, he’s drumming for the Island Dr. Lee, PUNCHER, and Meridene. Not to mention,

Fur, Metal, and Glass

Like a snarling werewolf leaping from the bursting windshield of a crashing hot rod, The Jaggernauts are back with album number two. It’s called Safe, and whad’ya know – it’s their 10th year together, too. Noel

Neighborly Maintenance

As it turns out, I’m not the neighbor I wish I was. And considering my role at the helm of Volume One – certainly a community-minded organization – what I’m about to confide is actually kind of embarrassing. My

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Issue #263 September 18, 2014


Taking Art to the Streets

by Eric Christenson

PORTLAND, OF COURSE. Portland, Oregon, has tried similar street murals at several intersections.
PORTLAND, OF COURSE. Portland, Oregon, has tried similar street
murals at several intersections.

Taking a hint from places like Madison, Racine, St. Paul, Portland, Ore., and Boulder,  Colo., some Eastside Hill Neighborhood go-getters are taking steps to collaborate with Flynn Elementary School to transform a regular ol’ cross-street into a true work of art.

Gina Keenan, a parent with two kids at Flynn, is one of the main organizers of a team including Flynn staff, city officials, and parents alike trying to make this a full-fledged collaboration between city, students, and neighborhood. The proposed plot is at the corner of Lee Street and Hoover Avenue.

The idea: with the help of organizers and teachers, Flynn students will help design a mural to be painted on the pavement of the street at that intersection. What the mural will depict is still up for debate, but Keenan said she wants it to represent both the neighborhood and the school.

“We’d like to do more of a community identity thing,” she said. “It’s a safe route to school. It’s be a tie-in from Flynn to the neighborhood.”

Keenan started the process about a year ago ...

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5 waterways called the Chippewa River

We all like to feel special and unique (and even one-of-a-kind), and that need to be different often extends to the place we live – and what's in it. If you can identify with this, we've got bad news for you – at least one local waterway ...

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John Raymond & The Roots Trio

The John Raymond & The Roots Trio performed on Friday, September 12 on the back stage of the State Theater. Their repertoire includes a combination of American folk songs, renditions on classic hymns, select indie-rock covers as well as unique, dec

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