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Critics Are Loving Nickolas Butler’s New Novel

Since its release on March 5, local author Nickolas Butler’s newest novel, Little Faith (find it here), has sent readers reeling with its heartfelt exploration of the relationship between faith and family.  In a rural Wisconsin town, Lyle tries to preserve his relationship with his daughter, Shiloh, and grandson Isaac while she becomes involved with an extremist church who’s beliefs might put the boy in danger.  

Butler’s book snagged a spot on USA Today’s 5 Books Not to Miss list ahead of its publication. Here’s what critics are saying:

“Butler’s prose is very much a reflection of his characters, particularly Lyle – simple but not austere, forthright yet reverent. And he pragmatically poses questions of faith through his characters. Is faith solely belief in an ideology or denomination? Or is it just as much a belief in the secular stalwarts of family and community? In having Lyle continually question his faith, or lack thereof, the reader’s own views become paramount to the plot.” – Mary Cadden, USA Today

“ once practical and passionate, poetic and earthbound … You see where the question of faith comes in, and what it’s worth, especially when faith in God bumps up against one’s faith in family, community and a quiet but fierce commitment to doing what seems right.” – Ellen Akins, Star Tribune

“...breathtaking yet devastating … Butler weaves questions surrounding faith, regret, and whether it’s possible to love unconditionally into every page of this potent book … This is storytelling at its finest.” – Publishers Weekly

A full description of Little Faith is available on the author's website, along with a short reading from the novel.  Little Faith is available at The Local Store at 205 N. Dewey St. in Eau Claire, and online right here.


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