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Little Caesars

Avg Meal Cost: Pizza: $5-$15



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5 of Eau Claire's Timeless Taverns

In a place with so much history, it’s no surprise that many of our drinking establishments – and the buildings they call home – have long and fascinating stories. The places where we now gather with friends for a few beverages ...

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Local Eats by The Numbers

A few stats and tidbits we found interesting while we contacted every one of the Chippewa Valley’s restaurants and bars when compiling our 2014 dining/tavern guide.

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That’s A Tasty Burger: 3 Local Favorites

A BURGER IS A BLANK CANVAS. The medium can be shaped and shifted into a small, thin, 69 cent McD’s snack or a grass-fed, organic, fancy entrée. So being the best burger joint in town has nothing to do with how much it costs or whether there’s ...

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Finding the Flavor

In a culture that is heavily based around local farming and produce, Trish Cummins wanted a place that could nurture that culture while also providing a fun, educational experience. After close to a year of work, she opened Forage, a shared-use ...

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In the Kitchen

If you want a little more comfort food in your life, head on over to Menomonie for some true Wisconsin grub. Stephen Weber, owner of the recently opened restaurant Norske Kitchen & Kro has made Menomonie the place to be if you want to get ...

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