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Syvers @ The Cabin

Sun. Nov. 19th, 2017  |  photos by Luong Huynh  |  10 photos »

Syvers is a Minneapolis based indie duo consisting of Jake and Sarah. Influenced by their individual roots, the duo infuses current trends of pop music with the intensity of post-rock and vulnerably-honest lyrics from a singer-songwriter background.

4th Annual Gatsby's Gala

Mon. Nov. 13th, 2017  |  photos by Branden Nall  |  38 photos »

On Friday, November 10, Eau Claire Jazz, Inc. (in partnership with the University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire) presented the 4th Annual Gatsby's Gala on campus in the Davies Center. The jazz age-themed event ...

Grocery Wars: 1998–2017

Fri. Nov. 3rd, 2017

We went a little nuts and decided to trace the comings and goings of Eau Claire’s grocery stores over the years, from 1998 through the present. Watch it and see how ...

An Evening With Hiss Golden Messenger

Sat. Oct. 28th, 2017  |  photos by Lee Butterworth  |  15 photos »

An Evening With Hiss Golden Messenger at the Lismore Hotel on Friday, October 27 saw singer M.C. Taylor fresh off his latest studio album release, Hallelujah Anyhow. The band features artists Phil Cook and Mike Lewis, and the show pulled in special guest Justin Vernon ...

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