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Phoenix Park Bridge Project AIms to Add Lights and Color

A new project from the combined brainpower of Downtown Eau Claire Inc., UW-Eau Claire, and the Eau Claire Noon Rotary Club would put dynamic, programmable lights on the Phoenix Park bridge this year. At a windy press gathering in in front of the historic bridge, which has been there since 1903, the groups shed some light (wink) on the $250,000 to $300,000 project.

Shaun Johnson Big Band Ready for You to 'Experience' Rescheduled Gig

If you were disappointed when the Shaun Johnson Big Band Experience’s gig at the State Theatre was canceled last month – or if you’re simply a lover of a contemporary spin on that swingin’ Big Band sound – then perk up your ears! The Emmy-winning singer-songwriter ...

Eau Claire Marathon 2016

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The eighth annual Eau Claire Marathon had over 3,800 runners racing through town on Sunday, May 1, beginning and ending in Carson Park. Fifty-five charities benefited from this year’s race ...

A Big Home for Little Critters

By the end of the month, the Irvine Park Zoo’s smaller animals – and the people who visit them – will have new digs.

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