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Local Groups: City's Red Tape Stalls Special Events

Organizing a special event in the city of Eau Claire is sometimes unnecessarily complicated because of bureaucratic red tape and an adversarial relationship with city staff, event organizers said during a recent listening session held by city officials.

Like the Majestic Eagle, Soar Around Haymarket Landing

Watch as Market & Johnson's Corey Drivas pilots a drone around the Haymarket Landing project in downtown Eau Claire. Shot just a few days ago, you can see how far the new building has developed, checking it out from all sides, and of course, the top.

Chalkfest 2015: The Big Day - Part 1

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In 2015, Volume One partnered with UW-Eau Claire to move Chalkfest to its new home on UWEC's beautiful campus mall – on Saturday, August 15 – with over 120 local and regional artists chalking up the college's various sidewalks. The artists worked all day long ...

Infamous "Target Troll" Originally from the Chippewa Valley

You've probably seen this story floating around the internet and your Facebook feed: Man Poses as Target on Facebook, Trolls Haters of Its Gender-Neutral Move With Epic Replies. That's AdWeek's headline, but you'll find the story on ...

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