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Bon Iver's 22, A Million Press Conference @The Lakely

Hey, remember when Bon Iver's Justin Vernon held a secret worldwide press event in Eau Claire on September 2 at The Lakely in the new Oxbow Hotel? Local, national, and overseas journalists converged on Eau Claire to discuss the band's forthcoming new record, 22, A Million ...

Michael Seman on Growing a Local Music Scene: DIY All Age Venues

Michael Seman, director of creative industries, research and policy at the University of Colorado Denver College of Arts and Media, was the keynote speaker for Visit Eau Claire’s Music City Summit on October 7. Volume One asked him to identify a way for Eau Claire can help grow its music scene.

Kayaking Eau Claire River

Take a kayak ride down part of the Eau Claire River after rains swelled the waters in September of 2016.

Look Back: Eaux Claires 2016

Eaux Claires 2016 was flooded with wonderful moments of musical madness, quiet reflection, community togetherness, and artistic experimentation. While we were out on the grounds taking it all in, our pal Anthony Casanova ...

Bon Iver - Full Eaux Claires Set (2016)

Check out Bon Iver's entire 48-minute Friday night set from the 2016 Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival, uploaded by "cookiecrumblemusic." Apart from the final three songs, the performance debut's Bon Iver's new album, 22, A Million.

Northern Lights Over Lake Eau Claire

Footage was taken on the night of August 3, 2016. From photographer Justin Patchin: "Northern Lights and lightning cloud over Lake Eau Claire (western Wisconsin). Time Lapse of about 400 images."

Eau Claire's Booming Feedback Loop (Video Excerpt)

Perhaps you've felt the exciting new energy in Eau Claire recently. Well, hot tip – here's what's really going on. This recent explosion in development? All the new ideas, events, and businesses? Underneath all of it you’ll find what we call a “feedback loop.”

Mount Vernon - 1998 Battle of Bands, Memorial High School

Lest we forget, check out where things started for people like Justin Vernon, Phil Cook, Brad Cook, and Joe Westerlund – a fresh-faced Mount Vernon playing the Memorial High School Battle of the Bands in 1998.

Bon Iver at the Sydney Opera House – "Michicant"

"A song about fear, childhood and the changing of seasons, the tender 'Michicant' featured not only the achingly beautiful falsetto of Bon Iver but also a breathtaking alto sax solo ..."

From the Air: Eau Claire Triathlon 2016

A look inside (and above) the 7th annual Eau Claire Triathlon on Sunday, June 5, 2016. For more information about the event go to ...

Bernie Sanders in Eau Claire

Bernie Sanders's full speech at UWEC's Zorn Arena in Eau Claire on Saturday, April 2, ahead of Wisconsin's 2016 presidential primaries.

Donald Trump in Eau Claire

Donald Trump's full speech at Memorial High School in Eau Claire on Saturday, April 2, ahead of Wisconsin's 2016 presidential primaries.

Hillary Clinton in Eau Claire

Hillary Clinton's full speech at the Lismore Hotel in Eau Claire on Saturday, April 2, ahead of Wisconsin's 2016 presidential primaries.

Ted Cruz in Eau Claire

A small part of Ted Cruz's speech at Florian Gardens in Eau Claire on Sunday, April 3, ahead of Wisconsin's 2016 presidential primaries.

The Oxbow Hotel - Eau Claire, WI

A short and basic rendering tour from the exterior and interior of the forthcoming Oxbow Hotel, opening summer 2016 in Eau Claire, WI. Renderings by Shelter Architecture and SDS Architects. Local music by Happy Apple. For more information visit

Jason Isbell – "Cover Me Up" at The State Theatre

Video uploaded by YouTuber Jeremiah Gardner, who writes, "Jason and the 400 Unit earned a standing ovation for this stirring performance at the State Theatre, also known as the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center, in Eau Claire, Wis. Shot with iPhone from the second row – 11.13.15."

Chippewa River Flooding (03/18/2016)

Drone footage of the Chippewa River posted by Brett Walker on March 18, 2016, showing some flooding and lots of springtime currents. The video starts near the High Bridge and continues into downtown.