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Eau Claire Native Adelyn Rose Travels and Finds New Depths on ‘Any Way’

Eric Christenson, photos by Jesse Johnson

In early March, on the precipice of a nationwide lockdown, Addie Strei was painting houses in Minneapolis. It’s one of many side gigs for the Eau Claire native, whose 2019 found her busy with music, touring all over the world, traveling, and existing in ...

15 Local Songs You Should Download from Bandcamp on May 1

you'll be putting $15 in the pockets of local artists

Eric Christenson, photos by Jesse Johnson

So you want to support some local musicians during a pandemic. Sure, you can stream local music a million different ways, like ...

Performers Get Creative with Internet-Powered Artistry

live-streaming is key for artists still trying to reach their audiences

Eric Christenson

Large gatherings are prohibited. Venues are closed. And now, artists and performers find themselves without an in-person audience to connect with ...

10 Socially Distant Things to Do Right Now and Not Go Crazy

Eric Christenson

A lot of us are self-quarantining right now to keep ourselves safe in a time where public gatherings, restaurants, movie theaters, and more are shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Chances are you’re at home with a whole lot of time on your hands, so ...

Eaux Claires Details Emerge for 2020 Fest in Downtown Eau Claire

pending city approval – not to mention coronavirus – it could happen July 10-11

Eric Christenson, photos by Brid O’Donovan

Some exciting details surrounding the new iteration of the ever-evolving Eaux Claires are coming into focus, now that the organizers are seeking city approval for hosting the festival in downtown Eau Claire.

How Can We Support Artists and Venues?

with widespread event cancellations, artists and venues are hurting; here’s some ideas how you can help

Eric Christenson, photos by Lee Butterworth

Art, in all its iterations, thrives on interaction. With concerts canceled, tours postponed, ad all kinds of gatherings shut down, artists are losing work quickly and venues’ business is dropping fast ...

Graceful Transformation

Blue Swans flips heartbreak on its head through music

Eric Christenson, photos by Kyle Lehman

Heartbreak and low, low points in life have this graceful way of transforming into art that’s beautiful and real. Raw, relatable stuff. So many words and songs have been written in the depths of dark ...

Ambient Inks + Bon Iver + Sustainable Merch

Eric Christenson

A cool new mini-documentary hit the inter-webs this week from Bon Iver and their Eau Claire-based merch partner Ambient Inks. The video details some of the ways Ambient is making a dedicated push to create merch ethically and sustainably, starting with their line for Bon Iver’s latest record i,i ...

Eau Claire Taps Local Designer for New City Logo

Eric Christenson

This week, the City of Eau Claire rolled out a brand new city logo designed by RT Vrieze of the local design firm Knorth Studios, which features woods, water, open spaces, big skies, buildings, and bridges ...

Facing the Unknown

Hemma’s latest EP sparkles in lifelong musical journey

Eric Christenson

The way Hannah Hebl talks about music makes you believe she knows something that the rest of us don’t. She doesn’t just play music, she metaphysically embodies it. In her world, music is elemental ...

Through the Cracks

documentary screening sheds light on trauma

Eric Christenson

In his 14 years as a backbone cast member on Saturday Night Live, Darrell Hammond showed the world what a gifted impressionist and talented comedian he was. We’ve all seen his masterful ...

Thinkin’ About Inkin’

Ambient Inks celebrates 10 years of printing and surprising growth

Eric Christenson

In the 10 years since they officially started their screen printing operation Ambient Inks, Tim Brunner and Aaron Brice, the company’s co-founders, have had ...

Blue Ox Unleashes 2020 Lineup

Eric Christenson, photos by Luong Huynh

Today, the Blue Ox Music Festival lineup arrived for the sixth annual fest happening June 11-13, 2020 among the trees at Whispering Pines Campground, with some cool new facets this year.