Here Are Four New Matt Vold Songs to Take the Edge Off

if you're in the mood for something gravelly, heartfelt, and depressing, we have something just for you ...

Eric Christenson |

Gravelly, heartfelt, depressing, just the way we like ’em. Eau Claire songwriter Matt Vold has narrowly sharpened his particular style of country tunes over the last decade or so. And likewise, he’s honed his singing voice into something akin to the rev of a Harley Davidson. It’s rough-around-the-edges, raspy, warm, and 100% unique.

A singer and guitar player in the band Pit Wagon, Vold recently set out solo into some deeper country songs on his own. He debuted an album with his backing band, the Shorewood Mountaineers, in the summer of 2020 – The Shorewood Mountaineers Present ... Matt Vold.

Now, he’s back with a four-track EP called the Matt Vold EP. This time it’s a more home-recorded, solitary effort brought to life by Pit Wagon bandmate Josh Ingersoll. The result is four starkly honest country ballads that wallow in troubles, listlessness, and lost heroes. “Dear John,” the EP’s closing track, is a lovingly written tribute to the late John Prine, an artist for whom Vold clearly holds a high regard.

Ya know, the two might even be cut from the same cloth ...

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