5 Winter Airbnb Getaways Around the Chippewa Valley

Need a cool getaway? Some of the coolest are right in our backyard

McKenna Scherer

Hytte House | Colfax

4.6/5 stars
$220/night (though right now, it is $140/night)
2 bedrooms, 3 beds | 1 bath

A perfect meeting of intentional rustic and neutral mod, this nordic-inspired cabin on the lake is a dream getaway for any small group. With almost 70 reviews and an average rating of 4.6/5 stars, this Air BnB checks out at $220/night with several beds, a screened-in back porch, a driveway fit for about two cars, and is decorated for total chic and cozy comfort.

With lofted ceilings, polished concrete floors, warm decor, and plentiful seating, the home is also a couple minutes drive from supper clubs, breweries, and just steps from the shores of Tainter Lake.

For more information and photos, visit Airbnb.com.


Historic Cottage on Elk Creek | Eau Claire

4.8/5 stars
2 bedrooms, 3 beds | 1 bath

This historic cottage is a true gem overlooking Elk Creek on the edge of town, offering a home-y, kitschy vibe that is sure to completely whisk you away from whatever is awaiting you back at home. An almost oddball-style flair greets you inside with warm colors and unique pops of farmhouse detail fulfilling any cottage-seeker’s dreams.

Fitted with an outdoor fire pit near the dock at Elk Creek’s edge, the cottage is situated near the dam too, making for stunning views in the winter when it’s frozen over or flowing with ice. Perfect for a duo or small group of friends, this is the getaway in the Valley’s backyard we’ve all been looking for. 

For more information and photos, visit Airbnb.com.


Off-Grid Kickback | Elk Mound

5/5 stars
1 bedroom | Outhouse

Looking for a real in-the-woods cabin experience? Look no further! This tiny home-style cabin is an off-the-grid getaway dream, fitted with solar-powered lights and a gas fireplace, a loft bedroom, and wrapped by a Class 1 trout stream with practically complete seclusion from the rest of the world. The cabin is non-motorized only, meaning folks can park off-site about 200-300 feet away, but not right up onto the cabin’s land. The cabin sleeps up to four thanks to the loft and futon – although there’s plenty of room for tents to be pitched – has a porch for rockin’ and an outdoor fire pit with a tripod for cooking.

Cell phone coverage is hit or miss, and folks will need to bring their own linens, something to hold any potential garbage since there’s no dumpster on site, and water since the cabin isn’t equipped with its own source. At $120/night and a perfect 5/5 star rating from seven reviews, this secluded cabin is a must for folks looking for an off-the-grid experience. 

For more information and photos, visit Airbnb.com.


One-of-a-kind Downtown Apartment | Menomonie

4.9/5 stars
$175/night (though right now, it is $150/night)
3 bedrooms, 6 beds | 2 baths

Rightfully described as a one-of-a-kind apartment, this Air BnB is downright cool. Perfect for a big group of friends or family, this Menomonie spot has six beds across three bedrooms and two bathrooms, is located right off of Main Street, and most notably, has a four-season room. The room is filled with greenery and can fit seating for a couple of people or allow for one or two people to stretch out on a hammock, and during the wintry months ‘round the Chippewa Valley, it is quite the unique luxury.

This Air BnB comes with one 24-hour parking pass for the building’s parking lot, otherwise, there’s street parking all around Main Street. 

It is located above a bar next to an intersection, so if you’re looking for total seclusion, this won’t be for you, but it would be perfect for a weekend spot with friends.

For more information and photos, visit Airbnb.com.



The Lily Pad | Chippewa Falls

4 bedrooms, 5 beds | 2 baths

A retro dreamscape, The Lily Pad is just 10 steps from Lake Wissota’s shore and allows folks to step into a different time inside. Pink walls line the kitchen and its patent red, diner-style seating, the neutrals-only living room is plentiful with mod seating, and adorably decorated bedrooms and pastel bathrooms finish out the vibe. Retro meets modern at The Lily Pad, its semi-hidden appliances and amenities fit for the millennium but decorated with retro-deco flair that’ll make just about any nostalgia seeker's heart sing.

A large window overlooking Lake Wissota makes for gorgeous dinner views in the dining area while the front deck offers tons of space for hosting or lounging. The plot is pretty impressive too, meaning patrons won’t feel like they’re right on top of neighboring homes. 

For more information and photos, visit Airbnb.com.