Menomonie Shop Offers Consignment and Trade for Winter Outdoor Gear

Lauren Fisher, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Bob Sachsenmaier at Menomonie Outdoors
Bob Sachsenmaier at Menomonie Outdoors

At the end of November, Menomonie’s Bait on Broadway underwent a transformation and became Menomonie Outdoors. Bob Sachsenmaier and Gary Thompson, seasoned outdoorsmen, are in the process of updating the shop (850 N. Broadway St.) to offer new and used equipment, resale, and consignment just in time for ice fishing.

They expected to become business owners, but Bob was taken by surprise when they also became advice-givers and a regular stop after successful fishing adventures. They field calls every day from people who want to know where the best fishing in the Chippewa Valley is, where folks are having success, or what bait the fish are biting at. They’ve started a cork board behind the counter where children (and grown-ups) smile from photos, holding their catch of the day. People stop by just to visit and shoot the breeze about the joys of Wisconsin winter.

“One of the angles we’re pushing is the buy, sale, trade, and commission side of things,” Bob said. In the weeks since Menomonie Outdoors has been open, they’ve stocked up on fancy Wisconsin-made flies, warm and sturdy military surplus, and of course, live bait. And while inventory is still coming in to fill their floors, members of the Menomonie community are showing up to re-home their fishing rods, tackle, and even sonar fish finding equipment through trade, sales, and commission.

“Some people want to sell what they have, clean out their closet or that corner of their garage, and we’re definitely open to that,” Bob said. Consignment is also an option, with sellers splitting the price of items sold at the shop. Going through Menomonie Outdoors should relieve the hassle of online listings and meeting buyers at home, Bob said.

“Our thing right now is ice fishing, so that’s been our focus,” Bob explained. He and Bob offer a selection of fishing gear that’s produced in Wisconsin, from Crappie Coffins made in Baldwin to bait (and fishing-themed ballcap accessories) from Radisson. Their live bait is grown in-house, and they’re looking forward to offering tip flags that connect to a cell phone and alert fishers of their catch.

Eventually, the owners might expand to offer fishing shelters and boats, cross country skis and show shoes, and small equipment repair; it’s all dependent on what their customers are in the market for. They hope to keep their equipment on display so that the fishers, hunters, and outdoor enthusiasts that swing by can get their hands on the product. “When we’re fully rolling you’ll be able to check out what you’re getting into, not just look at it in a package,” Bob said.

Menomonie Outdoors, 850 N. Broadway St., Menomonie,  is open Tuesday-Saturday from 7am-5pm and Sundays from 7am-3pm. For more information, stop by or give them a ring at (715) 231-2194.