Winter is for Everyone:
Fort Knox? Pssshhhht. More Like Fort ROCKS!

When the weather gets wild this winter, take shelter in a quality snow fort. The art is easy to learn and the more creative juices that flow, the better. Here are some ideas for structures that will keep the wind out.

The Snow Cave
Tunnel your way through mounds of snow for a toasty warm lair. Find a huge mound of snow, a deep snowdrift, or shovel snow into a big pile. Pack the snow down and then dig out a labyrinth (like ants in ant farms). It might get a little dark in there, but a few icicles poked into the roof will bring in light. This is an age-old technique learned from our wise Eskimo friends. If you can’t find icicles, consider Christmas lights or a candle for a snug glow.

The Ice Castle
Create a snow fortress fit to keep the toughest army out. First mark where you want your walls by stamping down the snow or spraying colored water. Next, build your walls using various sizes of snowballs and then fill in the gaps with extra snow. Snow shovels really help to cut snowballs and smooth them. For intimidating spikes on top of your walls, use funnels as a mold. Icicles could provide a painful protective wall-topper.

The Classic Igloo
Stay toasty in a comfy snow house. Begin your construction by marking out the shape you want your igloo to be. Next, hollow out a pit in the center of the designated area. Cut snow bricks with a shovel or snow-saw if the snow is deep and dense enough. Otherwise you could pack snow into shoeboxes. Then begin building, laying blocks in an upward spiral. For the roof, use pie slice-shaped snow chunks to fill in the top, or leave a hole for a chimney if you desire a fire. Blocks of clear ice are nice windows. Pack holes and crevices. Decorate with some pinecones or evergreen branches if you feel the urge.

The Hawaiian Hut
Bring a fruity taste of the tropics to your yard by building yourself a toasty Hawaiian hut. Circular or square, be creative. Use sticks for the roof.

A Snow Tower
See how high you can get. Model after the Empire State Building, the Eiffel Tower, or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Use lots of snowballs that could be hollowed out after they harden. Or pile up a huge mound of snow and build a circular wall on top of it. Keep adding layers. Ladders might be necessary.