RIVERSIDE GOURMET: Wisconsin Wines Pair With Fine Food, Chippewa River Scenery

‘Did you bring your wine?’ I asked. ‘Yes!’ they exclaimed

“Pull back just two more feet – OK, stop!” Now the motor home was parked in a perfect spot right on the Chippewa River. After putting the slides out and setting up the lawn chairs, it was time to relax. Sitting and watching the water rushing by reminded me ...

Want Wine? Our Readers Say These Are the Best Around

Best of the Chippewa Valley Poll winners for wines and winemakers

Back on the Best Wine Selection list this year – and in first place – is River Bend Winery & Distillery (10439 33rd Ave., Chippewa Falls). Its owners have longtime roots in the community and their love for the Valley is further felt in River Bend’s high-quality wine (and spirits!). Bemis Bluff ...

THE HELIX EXPERIENCE: Savvy New Café and Wine Bar Opens in Altoona

new hotspot offers light grub and craft drinks in style

A helix is not only the shape of a corkscrew, but it’s also the shape of our DNA, which is a part of us. The new owners of Helix Wine Bar want the space to be a part of the community as well. Kristin Waldow and her husband decided to open Helix with their long-time ...

Time for a Toast With the Best Local Wines

Want wine? These are the places to check out, Best of the Chippewa Valley voters say

Once again, Bemis Bluff Winery (E2960 Hageness Road, Eleva) demonstrates it has the area’s best wine selection. Enjoy the scenery while sipping fruit wines, or better yet, a wine slushy on a hot July ...

WINE TIME: The Right Day for Rosé

between red and white, rosé wines offer a range of flavors and pair well with food

With rosé season upon us and National Rosé Day right around the corner on June 11, I thought it would be a wonderful time to recommend a few favorites. But first, let’s learn a little about rosés ...

GET INTO THE SPIRIT! 3 New Local Drinks to Check Out

Infinity Beverages and The Brewing Projekt release new beverages sure to knock your socks off

It’s time to sip on something different in this new year. The beloved Infinity Beverages and The Brewing Projekt...

Canned Peaches. Canned Pears. Canned ... Wines?

Eau Claire’s Wine Guy gives insider tips on the rising trend of canned wines

“What do you say, shall we open another can of wine?” Those are words that would have made me cringe in the not-so-distant past. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned in the last couple of years it’s that times change ...

Autumn Harvest Winery Finds New Squeeze

new wines – including a signature Champagne Apple wine – slated for the future with new owners

Becky Mullane and her husband, Jim, will begin a new adventure when they re-open what’s now known as Dixon’s Autumn Harvest Winery outside Chippewa Falls on May 1 as the new owners and operators. It won’t be totally out with the old and in with the ...

Wine Pairing by Happenstance

what you find in the fridge could be a match made in heaven

The noise from the lawnmower outside my apartment window, tossing up the smell of fresh cut grass, immediately brought me back to summer! I began to anticipate visiting some of my favorite wineries again. I’m looking forward to adding ...

Winin' and Dinin' at the Farm

Wine Nights at Together Farms seek to bring people together safely

Together Farms is not only growing crops for its animals to graze on, but it is also interested in helping you grow ...

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Wine Time is sponsored by:

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