You Can Get Married At UWEC?

if you so choose, UW-Eau Claire can facilitate your wedding

Scott Morfitt

In the past 15 years, I’ve had many people pop that big $300 question: “Will you be in my wedding?”

Because I’m a sucker for small gifts commemorating me wearing a tux, I’ve always said, “Yeah, is there an open bar?”

From being in so many weddings, I’ve gotten a great “street level” view of what goes into making a wedding and reception great. It’s that balance of beautiful ambiance, great food, and the feeling that everything is happening without a hitch.

At UW-Eau Claire’s Events Services, they have been getting more and more bookings for weddings because they are able to provide that balance. They handle events both on and off campus, though it’s in Davies Center where they really shine.

Quite simply, Davies Center is the biggest venue in town, with rooms of almost every size from a small dressing room up to a large ballroom. On top of that, they have an amazing amount of professional audio, video and lighting technology to help you create that perfect “look” for your special day.

Jason Jon Anderson, assistant director of conferences, marketing, and technology, says, “You would be hard-pressed to find another facility that matches our executive chefs, catering, and event production in years of experience, number of events executed, and driven desire to make your event special and unique.”

On top of that, cost-conscious couples can rest assured that room rentals are inclusive for everything but catering.

And when it comes to catering, Anderson says the options are especially broad. With their three executive chefs (including a pastry chef), a dedicated staff, and experience feeding thousands of students, with ethnic, ethical, and allergy food requirements, they can design any meal to meet a wedding party’s needs.

For those of you who have jerk friends, like me, asking about alcohol options, you can tell them they also have a full liquor license with both host and cash bars.

Other services UW-Eau Claire can provide to make your wedding complete are graphic designers and a full print shop to make those invitations and programs.

While some may be worried about parking options, Anderson also assured me that they can reserve lot space. Your party won’t lose that loving feeling while they are driving around trying to find a place to park.

As I said at the start of the article, UWEC Event Services can also provide tables, chairs, and technology for weddings off campus as well.

If you would like more information on having your wedding on campus you can go to

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