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Music in Menomonie: A Closer Look

Scott Morfitt, Ed Hudgins, photos by Titus Williamson, Andrea Paulseth

Menomonie was built in an interesting spot in western Wisconsin. It’s less than a half hour from Eau Claire and an hour from Minneapolis. Among other things, this means locals have always had the option ...

You Can Get Married at UWEC?

if you so choose, UW-Eau Claire can facilitate your wedding

Scott Morfitt

In the past 15 years, I’ve had countless people pop that big $300 question: “Will you be in my wedding?” Because I’m a sucker for small gifts commemorating me wearing a tux, I’ve always said, “Yeah, is there an open bar?”

Spinning Local

when you're building a new radio station, the question "what is local music?" is critical

Scott Morfitt

For the last couple of months, I’ve been humbled to work on launching a radio station, Blugold Radio 99.9 FM. This station is a marvelous gift from Midwest Family Broadcasting ...

From Soldier to Citizen

reflections on being a veteran by a member of the Facebook generation

Scott Morfitt

I am here today because I am a veteran. That is not a metaphorical statement; Eau Claire has become my home because of my involvement with the military ...

City, Meet UWEC

even if you’re not a student, you can do awesome things on campus

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

My journey to loving Eau Claire came through a simply wonderful experience at UW-Eau Claire. As a non-traditional student I was amazed at everything there was to do and participate in on campus ...

Sawdust Serenade

chainsaw carving champs descend on Eau Claire

Scott Morfitt

There’s about to be a strong buzz in Eau Claire in August, and we’re not talking about urban bees. The U.S. Open Chainsaw Sculpture Championship will be held Aug. 6-9 at the Paul Bunyan Logging Camp Museum in Carson Park. This unique competition – which raises money for the museum ...

Flugelhorns & Fishnets

the valley's musical traditions range from brass bands to rock 'n' roll decadence

Scott Morfitt

The music tradition is built into the DNA of the Chippewa Valley. This is not meant to be a flip comment or an easy intro sentence to keep you reading through the next few paragraphs; it’s simply the truth. The more you dig into our music landscape and try to decipher what is a “little t” tradition ...

Lazy Monk's New Locale

all systems are go for the brewery’s new location

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Lazy Monk Brewery has been approved to move from their current location near Banbury Place to a much larger space by the Chippewa River at the corner of Oxford Ave and Madison St in the old Charlson building. This last week Theresa and Leos were kind enough to take a quick break in the hectic swing of excitement to answer a few of our questions ...

Feeling Prairie Good

short documentary Prairie Enthusiasm! focuses on Upper Midwest prairies and those who love them

Scott Morfitt

Many of us are starting to understand why growing and purchasing organic and local foods can have a positive impact on groundwater and soil quality. However, we don’t really consider other ecosystems of rural areas beyond farmland ...

Coding For Our Future

new partnership aims to train Chippewa Valley kids computer programming

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Evercode Foundation is one of those team efforts that could be transformative for this community. This is because it’s simultaneously educational and collaborative, while being focused on building the creative workforce many of us know is ...

Jotting Joe and Handy Andy

Joe Niese pens book on Cubs, Braves star Pafko

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In a strange way, I’ve been interviewing local author Joe Niese about his new book, Handy Andy: The Andy Pafko Story, for almost three years now. And, I haven’t become tired of hearing Niese talk about his love of Pafko yet ...

You Can Get Married At UWEC?

if you so choose, UW-Eau Claire can facilitate your wedding

Scott Morfitt

In the past 15 years, I’ve had many people pop that big $300 question: “Will you be in my wedding?” Because I’m a sucker for small gifts commemorating me wearing a tux, I’ve always said, “Yeah, is there an open bar?”

LISTEN NOW: New fiction from Michael Perry

Perry’s to-be-released novel for adults shows a town reeling when the face of Jesus appears on a cow’s hide

Scott Morfitt

Michael Perry is the kind of author who makes you scrap your lead sentence five times when you write about him. His prose is so full of poignant adjectives it’s like a silage-stuffed silo at the end of autumn – warm, pungent, and ready to nourish ...

Ocean of Talent

pianist Hobert’s album a celebration of spontaneity

Scott Morfitt

Sometimes writing music articles is one of the most difficult things in the world. You are trying to wrangle words to pigeonhole expansive sounds into something that lives in the concrete world of print. That’s the case with Steven Hobert’s ...

Great Scott

alt-rock icon Weiland still alive and grunging

Scott Morfitt

I’ve always admired the work of other Scotts. In the art world they seem to be passionate people and do amazing work. Be in Scott Joplin, Scott Bakula or even Chachi himself – Scott Baio – the work of artsy Scotts cannot be denied ...

Smoke, But No Fire

new EC store caters to e-cigarette trend

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

When I write any article for Volume One, I’m always aware that I need to “keep it local.” That’s the heart and soul of what this publication does. So, when I suggested an article on a new Eau Claire business, E-Cig 53 ...

Coming in Third

we’ve all got work and home, but Eau Claire is the perfect ‘third place’

Scott Morfitt

The notion of a third place has always enchanted me. The concept – and I am in no way being original here – is that our lives are anchored to home and work which are our first and second places. The third place travels beyond those two ...

Of Buses and Art

art exhibit aims to rethink local mass transit

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If you are like me, when you think of mass transit and art the first things that pop in your head are a song by Kris Kross (which always necessitates a YouTube pit stop) and the cool new murals on the sides of Eau Claire Transit buses ...

Cultivating Local Tastes

chef Nathan Berg strives for a delicious balance

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

To put it simply, Nathan Berg is the kind of chef you need in a thriving community because he is simultaneously innovative and locally focused ...

Just Spitballing

local author releases baseball biography

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

This is going to come as a shocker to you Chippewa Valley, but where I grew up, in the St. Croix Valley, we don’t have nearly as many famous people as you do.

The Anti-Hoarder

local organizing expert lends her tidy advice

Scott Morfitt

Well Chippewa Valley, spring is just about sprung. The river is flowing and so are the sidewalks. For those of us with dogs, children or, well, feet, this can mean constant clean up.

Excuse My French

SNL and 30 Rock star rolls into the State Theatre

Scott Morfitt

Hey, remember that show 30 Rock that we all liked so much? The one that made a strange move in the TV business and ended its run before jumping the shark? It’s only been off the air for weeks, but if feel like years. Luckily, comedian Tracy...

Picturing the Joynt

beloved watering hole explains iconic photos

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

On my first day living in Eau Claire, I unpacked my possessions into my tiny rented room and headed to The Joynt. I didn’t know my love affair with this Water Street tavern would start then; but I suppose you never know when those things are going...

Banbury Art Crawl 2013

artists’ studios will open to community for annual event

Scott Morfitt, photos by Jessica Vollmer

One of the single greatest things about the Banbury Art Crawl is that it combines the aesthetics of a metropolitan art crawl with an Eau Claire flair. For the fourth year, art enthusiasts of all types with have the chance on Feb. 8 and 9 to walk ...

Written By Daniel

local hip-hopper unleashes new concept album

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Written By Daniel’s freshman album, upROOTED, features a fresh perspective not heard on the overwhelming majority of hip-hop albums: the third person ...

Nice Threads

Good & Sturdy Vintage opens doors on Water St.

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As an aging hipster in what is factually considered the mecca of culture in Western Wisconsin, I am for the most part very happy with my commerce selections. Whether I need a fair trade latte, ironic tattoo or a Violent Femmes record I have a ...

Behind the Light

local light designers discuss the art of stage illumination

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It is just seconds before opening night of the new play you are excited to see; the house lights slowly fade down and the audience quiets. Then the stage lights come up and the actors enter from stage right. The performance of the season has begun.

Letters to Sophie's Mom

Hudson writer releases first book of poems

Anna Field, Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Writing poetry is intrinsically an exercise in introspection. The greatest poets give us their point-of-view perspective on what is meaningful be it pastoral, romantic or even a larger social context.

The Gifted Fisherman

new Dave Carlson book takes angle on angling

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

For many of us in the Chippewa Valley, the great outdoors are synonymous with sport – whether that’s defined as hunting, fishing, biking or even snapping photos. It is this strong connection with the land that makes us realize just how special ...

Amateur Love Rereleases

Scott Morfitt

When Justin Vernon’s Chigliak reissues Amateur Love’s “It’s All Aquatic” on May 22nd, fans will have a chance to hear, quite simply, a great album – one that many bands who play here today claim as an influence. On top of that, listeners can hear ...

Pizza Plus

downtown eatery re-opens after revamp

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I’ve always been amazed by business owners who re-launch an establishment. They have a distinct advantage and disadvantage over their contemporaries: name recognition. While name recognition can be a great thing when you want to get customers ...

A Show for the (All) Ages

an under-utilized part of the music scene worth fighting for

Scott Morfitt

Hey, remember back in December when we all packed into Zorn Arena for that great all-ages show? That was great wasn’t it? For me, seeing Bon Iver take the stage was awesome. They put on a fantastic arena show that was simultaneously breathtaking ...

On the Mountain

local filmmaker finishes short film, Sugar Mountain

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Seeing as daylight has a shelf life in the winter, those of us craving a sunlight fix this winter can get a big gulp of endless summer day action in Peter Elliot Eaton’s short film Sugar Mountain. The recently completed 17-minute film follows ...

City Pushes Back Downtown Reconstruction Until 2013

Scott Morfitt

Eau Claire’s downtown has had a significant metamorphosis in recent years. And now, one of the next big steps in the development process (the reconstruction of South Barstow, Eau Claire Street, and the riverfront) has been delayed. At a recent ...

This is Poliça

Minneapolis project with EC ties stops at House of Rock

Scott Morfitt

The Minneapolis band Poliça (“poe-lisa”) took a unique approach to band formation: they recorded an album before their first band practice. The project started as a collaboration between Eau Claire alum Ryan Olson and Channy Casselle after ...

Longsuffering for Daredevil

popular area folksters drop a new EP

Scott Morfitt

When you’re Scandinavian and a guest in someone’s home, you have to bring a gift. There is no exception to this rule whatsoever – it’s called the lefse initiative and is binding.

Food for Thought

it’s high time for a foodie movement documentary series

Scott Morfitt

What started as an idea to show one food film in Menomonie has become an eight-week series both in Menomonie and Eau Claire. Food for Thought is a first of its kind in the Valley...

Let the Blushing Begin

Super Happy Funtime Burlesque Show on its way to the House of Rock

Scott Morfitt

The word “burlesque” just isn’t used much around these parts. Around here people are much more comfortable talking about polite music in the park, fun fairs, and The Packers ...


local collaboration leads to Eastbound EP

Scott Morfitt

Kalispell is the name of the band, and on the recording Leonard is joined by Eau Claire music scene veterans Ben Lester, Jeremy Boettcher, Steven Hobert, and Jamie Hanson. Leonard enjoyed working with this group of friends and says ...

Tangled Up in Hue Goes All-Out Magical

Scott Morfitt

With Earth Day in recent memory, it seems appropriate that Tangled Up in Hue, an artist collective in downtown Eau Claire, is featuring the works of Magic Mama. Known best as an area musician, she describes herself as an “eco artist to the max ..."

Arts on the Radio

WPR’s Al Ross promotes area art like no other

Scott Morfitt, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“I’d like listeners to come to feel as if they are ‘meeting’ and ‘talking with’ the people who are gracious enough to spend some time with us. We simply love to have people eavesdrop on our chats.”

THIS WEEK: Decadent Cabaret 2011

annual festival of rocking tributes returns to House of Rock

Scott Morfitt, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Decadent Cabaret exemplifies itself in three ways. One is that they have the best adjective-noun combinations for describing an event. Just take a second and think about what you expect from a cabaret that is decadent.

Local Bands Cover Holiday Favorites for Annual Mixtape

Scott Morfitt

Eau Clairian Andy Plank is a huge fan of Christmas, and not just on Facebook. For the last four years Plank has been organizing local musicians to record Christmas songs; he then releases the tunes in a compilation. He’s brought together artists ...

The Ronald Raygun

after three-year breakup, band reunites for album

Scott Morfitt

Sometimes all it takes for a band to release a second album is to break up, wait three years, have a child, start a successful business, have a friend move up from Tennessee, and have a clear ...

New Downtown Bar: Playmakers Bar and Grill

Scott Morfitt

Downtown Eau Claire is about to get a new place to enjoy a game and a cold one. Playmakers Bar and Grill planned to open October 31, with a grand opening on November 5 and 6.