tips from landlords about successfully renting

V1 Staff

We know your sister’s boyfriend’s bandmate will tell you everything you need to know about renting a place for the first time, but in case he misses something we went straight to the source.

Start looking early, probably by September if you are a student.  Have your roommate situation figured out prior to looking at a place to live.  Many people come and want to look at a place and realize later that it won’t work with the number of people that they actually have who want to live together.
– Boomerang Real Estate

Ask around and talk to people that are currently renting and if they are happy with the service their landlord is providing.
– Beneen Rentals

To find listings for available rental properties, check in the Leader Telegram. You can also check online on the websites for local rental companies or on Craigslist.  
– Professional Property Management Company

Make sure to read the lease because many renters read through it quickly and don’t even know what they’re signing.
– General Property Management, LLC

If you are interested in a property and find out that the utilities are escrowed, call the utility company and ask for the average monthly utility bill and see how that compares with what the landlord’s escrow amount is.  If there is a large discrepancy, question the landlord on why the escrow is so much higher.
– Beneen Rentals

How to Be a Good Neighbor

Tips from the City of Eau Claire’s neighborhood maintenance brochure
compiled with help from area neighborhood associations.

• All buildings must be maintained in a state of good repair (painted at regular intervals, clean and sanitary, etc.).
• Weeds and grass may not exceed 7” in height.
• Sidewalks need to be free of obstructions (snow cleared within 24 hours of a fall)
• Don’t leave parked cars in the same spot on a street or alley for more than a day
• Dispose of garbage in a sanitary manner
• Dispose of yard waste and return cans within 24 hours after pickup
• Don’t be unreasonably loud or disorderly
• Keep animals leashed when off premises
• Have no more than 3 cats and 2 dogs
• Promptly remove animal droppings

To report a violation, call the appropriate department: Health (839-4718), Police (839-4972), Fire (839-5012), Streets (839-4963), Community Development (839-4914), or Building Inspection & Zoning (839-4947).