Renter’s Cheat Sheets: An “Is This Place Cool?” Checklist

V1 Staff

__ Turn on all light switches to see if they do, indeed, produce light

__ Check each power outlet (use a small appliance like a hairdryer or waffle iron)

__ Turn on the sink and bathtub faucets (check for leaks or  slow/plugged drains)

__ Flush toilet, check for leaks

__ Look for smoke detectors and fire extinguishers

__ Check ceiling and walls for cracks and water stains

__ Check the locking mechanisms on doors

__ Check the locks on all the windows

__ How well sealed are the windows? (Will you pay a ton for heat/air?)

__ Inspect furnace and/or air conditioner: Are they well-maintained?

__ Check hot water: Is it the proper temperature?

__ Check for exit lights

__ Is the exterior of the building well-lit and well-maintained?