How to Be a Good Neighbor

tips from the City of Eau Claire’s neighborhood maintenance brochure

V1 Staff

Mr. Rogers says,
Mr. Rogers says, "Don't be a big dumb jerk."

• All buildings must be maintained in a state of good repair (painted at regular intervals, clean and sanitary, etc.).

• Weeds and grass may not exceed 7” in height.

• Sidewalks need to be free of obstructions (snow cleared within 24 hours of a fall)

• Don’t leave parked cars in the same spot on a street or alley for more than a day

• Dispose of garbage in a sanitary manner

• Dispose of yard waste and return cans within 24 hours after pickup

• Don’t be unreasonably loud or disorderly

• Keep animals leached when off premises

• Have no more than 3 cats and 2 dogs

• Promptly remove animal droppings 

To report a violation, call the appropriate department: Health (839-4718), Police (839-4972), Fire (839-5012), Streets (839-4963), Community Development (839-4914), or Building Inspection & Zoning (839-4947).