Regular Wear ‘n Tear (vs.) Damage/Excessive Filth

know the difference between the two or you could get burned

V1 Staff


• Faded paint or wallpaper due to sunlight

• Broken plumbing caused by normal use

• Dirty blinds and curtains

• Rug wear caused by normal use

• Furniture marks in carpet

• Warped doors caused by age, temperature or moisture

• Warped windows caused by the flow of the glass

• Dents in walls from door handles

• Broken appliances, if not from misuse

• Dusting

• Faded curtains

• Broken lightbulbs

• Replacement batteries for smoke detectors

• Picture or pin holes in walls, as long as not excessive

• Loose or stubborn door lock

• Loose hinges or handles on doors

• Worn and dirty carpeting

• Scuffed up wood floors

• Linoleum worn thin

• Worn countertop

• Stain on ceiling from rain or bad plumbing

• Plaster cracks from settling

• Faded, chipped or cracked paint

• Loose wallpaper

• Faded curtains and drapes

• Heat blistered blinds

• Dirty window or door screens


Excessive holes in walls from picture hangers

Broken tiles or fixtures in bathrooms

Stopped toilet due to misuse

Broken walls

Removing paint put up by tenant

Tears, holes or burn marks in carpets or curtains

Animal stains in the carpet

Broken windows and window screens

Broken doors and locks

Appliances broken by negligence

Excessive filth in oven/stove burners

Clogged drains from misuse or negligence

Broken or missing window blinds

Flea and pest extermination

Excessive mildew and mold in bathroom

Excessively filthy bathtub, shower, sink, or toilet

Broken or missing locks, or lost keys

Torn, stained or burned carpeting

Badly scratched or gouged wood floors

Linoleum with tears or holes

Holes in walls

Ripped or marked-up wallpaper

Torn or missing curtains and drapes

Burns and cuts in countertop

Blinds with bent slats

Torn or missing screens

Broken faucets/toilet