Randall Park Neighborhood: "The Student Ghetto"

Predominant Rental Units:
Duplexes, quadplexes, older single-family homes, some loft apartments above businesses, some apartment buildings, some townhomes

Predominant Renters:
Hordes of college students, some retired folks, a few families

Nearby amenities:
Tons of bars, shops, restaurants, and historic churches. Proximity to downtown,
campus, and a hospital

Fantabulous. A bike trail and the Chippewa River border it on one side, with Carson Park and Half Moon Lake on the other, and Randall and Owen parks smack dab in the middle

Active Neighborhood Association?:
Yes. They’re currently involved the continued battles that are the Eau Claire County Jail and getting students to clean up their yards.

"It’s just a really nice, friendly, family-oriented neighborhood. We just kind of fell into the neighborhood … and we really enjoy it." – Deb Lewis, partnership coordinator at Lakeshore School