East Side Hill: "East Hill"

Predominant Rental Units:
Some apartment buildings and condos (Boyd Elementary), but mostly duplexes and single-family homes

Predominant Renters:
A big mix of people, from a few college students to a ton of young middle-class families and elderly

Nearby amenities:
Sandwiched between downtown and 53, so lots of shops, grocers, and restaurants nearby. A sledding hill, outdoor ice rink, and diverse churches

Very good. A handful of parks/playgrounds, a few cemeteries, lots of schools in walking distance, two big trails and a few bridges, access to Eau Claire River, all of which overlooks historic downtown.

Active Neighborhood Association?:
Yes. It is currently working with the city to restore older single-family homes, improve parks, and prepare for the construction of Hastings Way, which may bring a third bike trail.

"I love the East Hill. It’s as diverse as Eau Claire gets based on age, socio-economic status. … It’s close to everything. The homes are modest and mostly well kept. It’s quiet, safe, and family friendly. If anyone can find a place around here, I would recommend it!" 
– Eric Rasmussen, Memorial High English teacher

"I am biased, but I love the East Side Hill neighborhood. It is a mix of professionals, working class, and eccentrics; and a mix of elderly, young families, and young single people. I think its diversity of people make it an awesome place, which is only enhanced by its fantastic location, historic neighborhoods, and great parks and schools, and worship facilities. Its bikeability and walkability are unmatched, and it is still an affordable place to live for all people." 
– Gina Keenan