Get Back Into the Academic Groove With These Superior Study Spots

Looking for a fresh place to study? Check out these popular study spots near UWEC, CVTC, and UW-Stout

Sawyer Hoff

The fireplace at UW-Stout's Memorial Student Center. (Submitted photo)
The fireplace at UW-Stout's Memorial Student Center. (Submitted photo)

It’s that time of year again:

School supply wastelands in Target and last-minute scrambles to the bookstore. It’s a stressful time, we know. We’re here to help ease your transition back into study groups and procrastination-induced all-nighters with the best study spots on these local campuses.

UW-Eau Claire's Centennial Hall. (Submitted photo)
UW-Eau Claire's Centennial Hall. (Submitted photo)

UW-Eau Claire

Centennial Third Floor: This quiet floor sits in one of the newest buildings on campus and has many tables and chairs with great views of the campus mall.

Schneider Hall Lounge: This lounge sits right at the entrance of Schneider and is a great place to relax or pop in some earbuds and get some studying done.

L.E. Phillips Hall Garden: Located on the first floor, you can become one with nature while doing some last-minute cramming in this unique and exciting place to study.

Campus Mall: While this one may be a gimme, it cannot be overlooked. Stretch out on the grass or set up shop on one of the many stone slabs in between Davies and Schofield. This is the perfect place for an outdoor fall or spring study session.

The Goat Coffee Shop and Racy’s: If you’re more into a coffee shop vibe when you’re studying, try the short walk to these cozy shops and get a nice steaming cup of whatever your heart desires.

McIntyre Library: There are a plethora of great studying spots in this one building, but my favorite is snagging one of the big comfy chairs that sits by the window on the first floor. You can look over the campus mall while you study or do some people-watching!

The library at Chippewa Valley Technical College. (Submitted photo)
The library at Chippewa Valley Technical College. (Submitted photo)


The Library: Another gimme, but come on. No one can beat the serene energy that radiates from this library.

Caribou Coffee: Without going into the whole Caribou vs. Starbucks debate, let’s just all agree that any coffee shop is a must during prime study season.

The Commons: Lots of places to study here, and some very sunny ones if you snag a window seat.

UW- Stout

Memorial Student Center: Not only can you dine and chill, there are plenty of places to hunker down and stick your head in a book (or read it, totally up to you). Make sure to peek around for any hidden gems like under stairs.

The Porch in the Library: Go to the second floor and check out the enclosed porch. It’s great for when you want to study outside, but you don’t want to deal with Wisconsin’s fickle weather.

Glass Lounge in Jarvis: Also on the second floor, it is a great place to study while also enjoying the views of the campus.

Blind Munchies Cafe: A great cafe if you are a fan of coffee shop ambiance.

Menomonie Public Library: This library overlooks Lake Menomin and is a good place to get off campus without losing your steam to study.