Super Study Spots

find the serenity you need to blast through your schoolwork with these academic alcoves


Cramming. Hitting the books. Putting your nose to the grindstone. Whatever you call studying, it’s something every college student is familiar with. Whether you treat it like a part-time job or try learning everything an hour before the big test, you don’t get through college without studying. Everyone needs a study spot, so here are a few good places to cram for that exam.

UW-Eau Claire

McIntyre Library basement: Everyone knows the campus library with its multiple floors offering numerous places to study, but most don’t know about the basement, which is also the children’s section. Check it out the next time! It might be your new favorite place to hit the books.

Hibbard Penthouse: if you’re lucky (or sneaky enough) to snag a spot in this couch-filled academic haven, then be sure to take advantage of what may be the only hidden gem of this old UWEC campus building.

Davies Center: It’s a big, fancy building with plenty of spaces where you and a few friends can get to work, including The Cabin. Plus, if you need some nourishment, there are several food court options and coffee carts.

The space between Davies and Schofield Hall: Plenty of carefully placed stone slabs, a scenic stream, and lots of open grass? This place is practically begging you to study there, so take advantage of it!

Centennial Hall: UWEC’s newest campus addition has a plethora of study spots. With all of the windows you’re almost guaranteed a seat in the sun, so go ahead and bask.

Racy’s/The Goat: Two wonderfully chill coffee spots within walking distance of campus.

Owen Park: Within sight of Haas Fine Arts Center is this nice little park, with plenty of open space and huge trees to relax under while you get your study on right next to the mighty Chippewa River.

ECDC: Attached to The Lismore hotel downtown, this coffee shop has a modern eclectic vibe and lots of open space to check out next time you need a new place to cram.

Chippewa Valley Technical College

The library: If you’re in need of a quiet spot to study, the library is definitely the best option at CVTC.

The commons: If you need the opposite of quiet, then hit up the commons. This is a great spot if you’ve got material to discuss with others. You can also study in the sun if you get a spot by a window.

Starbucks: It’s across the street, so why not? They’ll feed your caffeine addiction and there are spots to sit down and study, as long as you don’t mind listening to Jason Mraz.



University Library: Can’t go wrong, just find a spot to hunker down and get crackin’.

The Raw Deal: Ample space, chill, and they have the option to buy a “bottomless” cup of coffee. What more could you ask for? A beer? Yeah, they have that too.

Acoustic Café: It’s right by campus, so meet up with some friends, grab a coffee, and get some studying done.

Under the stairs in the Memorial Student Center: Tired of boring old chairs and tables? At the MSC you’ll find cozy, cushioned nooks made with recycled wood from an old bowling alley.

Riverside Park: Not too far from campus, it’s a nice place to study outdoors if that’s what you’re looking for.