Pro Tips: Local Study Nooks

By UWEC expert studier Emily Albrent and Stout expert studier Eric Koeppel

Emily Albrent, Eric Koeppel

The Raw Deal, Menomonie.
The Raw Deal, Menomonie.


The Hibbard Hall Penthouse: Usually it’s pretty chill to just plant yourself here for a couple of hours, but who knows, rules change all the time. You might have to get creative and sneaky about it.

An empty lecture hall: Close those doors and get to work. Just don’t let the hundred-so seats give you stage fright.

Find that one tree on campus: Yeah. That one tree. We don’t have that many, so if you score one of those you are living the good life.

Go down to the river: It will remind you of the freedom you had a couple of weeks ago, but it will be so calming you will be ready to crack open that brand new (and hopefully rented) textbook.

Racy’s or The Goat: Do it. They’re the closest places off campus to grab some coffee and chill out with all the other students pouring over their notes.

The Cabin: I mean, have you seen that place? You can even grab a brew after 4:30pm while you work, but it might be best to save that for Friday.

Schneider at night: The seating area right where you walk in the front of the building is brilliant for late-night study sessions.

The major study lounges: Every dorm has one. Go check yours out because there literally are no students taking advantage of these cozy little library-like rooms.


University library, fifth floor: They say the higher up you go the quieter it gets in the Bobby Swanson Learning Center, so take the elevator up to fifth for serious cramming, but please keep the volume down on your Zune.

The Raw Deal: Whether you want to load up on caffeine or sip a frosty microbrew, you will always find a delightful study environment here. Just stay out of the brown chair by the stairs on the second floor. That’s my spot!

Under the Stairs in the MSC: Chairs and tables are so 21st century; why not be adventurous and pop a squat on those comfy cushions under the stairs in the MSC? Besides, sitting there kinda makes you feel like Harry Potter.

Outside by the clock tower: Let the melodious clock tower bells soothe you as you do homework on a bench nearby. And hey, you’ll always know what time it is!

Riverside Park: Just a stones-throw away from campus with plenty of space to sprawl out with your laptop near the Red Cedar River. And if you need a break, grab the nearest fly rod and cast away.

Jarvis Hall Science Wing: If you can get past the anxiety of feeling like a mouse in a maze while navigating your way through Jarvis, make your way to the science wing for plenty of cozy nooks to park your caboose.

Golden Leaf Café: Not too far from campus to walk to and not too close to be busy, the Golden Leaf has everything the procrastinating college student needs to get by, not to mention a stellar lunch menu!