Brand Spankin' New Student Centers

UWEC & UW-Stout got some pretty fancy upgrades this year

V1 Staff, photos by Elizabeth Schultz

UW-Eau Claire's W.R. Davies Center

The original Davies building has been serving students since 1959, but as the university grew there was a need for a larger, more modern space. And so after just over a year of construction, the new Davies Center (keeping the tradition) was completed this summer.

So what’s new?

Two massive ballrooms, which should prove to be quite useful when Viennese Ball comes around.

Students can get their fix with a variety of food options, including the first ever Erbert & Gerbert’s Bistro, which will serve warm sandwiches and breakfast.

A green roof offers an outdoor, grassy area with a view of the lower campus and the Chippewa River.

The new Woodland Theater is a legitimate movie theater, with massive screen, surround sound, and comfy, cushy chairs for you to lounge in.

The entire building will run on renewable energy, thanks to a partnership between UWEC’s Student Senate and Xcel Energy’s Windsource program.

While the university has decided to not have the new Davies officially inspected, the construction and materials meet at least a LEED Silver designation, and approaches on Gold.

In a true victory for any fans of cash, the new building will have a fully functioning U.S. Bank branch in the building available to students.

While it’s not necessarily part of the building, moving the Davies Center to its current location provides much more green space in the campus mall, some of which will be converted into an outdoor classroom.


UW-Stout's Memorial Student Center

Earlier this year, Stout finished a massive renovation of the Memorial Student Center, which was originally built in 1985. The redesign and construction had a focus on sustainability.

So, what’s new?

Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning upgrades allow half the number of air handling units to bring in 50% more fresh air.

Recycled materials in the carpets, counter tops, fabrics, and more, including reuse of the old bowling lanes and Heritage Café wood.

New outdoor amphitheater provides a dynamic “backyard” entrance to the building.

The east window provides a veritable wall of sunlight, while the skylight atrium allows even more natural light.

Student Organization Services now boasts a Creation Station fully stocked for all poster-making needs and spacious locked cabinets for storage.

Fireside Café (upper level dining) will include built-to-order burritos, cooked-to-order pasta and stir fry options daily, comfort foods, and gourmet sandwiches and salads.

Skylight Market (lower level dining) will offer Starbucks beverages, smoothies, ice cream, fresh pizza, fast food sandwiches, and made-to-order subs and salads.

The Service Center has moved onto a major traffic lane of the in the lower level. Enjoy a full range of copy services, lamination, binding, balloons, event tickets, and a photo kiosk.