Making It Reign: Reign & Co. and Suites on Brackett Are a One-Stop-Shop for Beauty

business neighbors want to pamper the community

some sweet suites. Reign & Co. and the Suites on Brackett keep you pretty.
SOME SWEET SUITES. Reign & Co. and the Suites on Brackett keep you pretty.

It’s important to take care of your body, both inside and out. A lot of times, you can take care of your outside and heal your insides with a boost of confidence. This is what Reign & Co. and the Suites on Brackett are aiming for.

Spending time and putting effort into yourself not only looks good but feels good. That is why Reign & Co. offers permanent makeup as well as lash extensions, lift and tints, facials, teeth whitening, and much more. Cosmetic services are often left out of the self-care conversation, but if it makes you feel good about yourself, how could that not be self-care?

“I have a lot of people come in who say they decided to do something for themselves or treat their self,” Reign & Co. owner Sheila Joles said. “So being able to provide a service where they look at themselves and feel beautiful while eliminating a lot of time in their morning routine is what I strive for. Doing something for yourself that makes you feel better is what self-care is in my opinion.”

 “I have a lot of people come in who say they decided to do something for themselves or treat their self” –Sheila Joles, Reign & Co.

Permanent makeup or cosmetic tattooing is a semi-permanent alternative to everyday makeup use, such as lip blush, eyeliner, and eyebrows. Instead of having to take extra time every morning penciling in your brows, cosmetic tattooing allows you hassle-free brows, lips, and eyeliner while saving time in your morning routine. The needle doesn’t go as deep as an average tattooing machine, so you get a more natural-looking effect. The best part? Permanent makeup is fully customizable. 

One of their most popular services is lash extensions, which have become increasingly popular in the beauty world. Rather than dealing with mascara or fake lashes, lash extensions offer an easy way to make your eyes pop for any occasion.

Joles, owner of the Reign & Co. and Suites on Brackett building, wanted to create a place where people can come together and run their like-minded businesses in close quarters. With 12 different businesses within one fabulous space, everyone can find a space or two to treat themselves like royalty.

prepare for the pampering. Confidence and relaxation aren’t far away.
PREPARE FOR THE PAMPERING. Confidence and relaxation aren’t far away.

Inside Reign & Co. sits Beauty by Paige, which also offers permanent makeup and lash extensions. Modified Beauty, owned by Kaylyn Ellis, provides permanent makeup as well. Pajai Her owns Pillowtalk Beauty, which specializes in lash extensions, as well as Kylee Gross, who owns Bare Beauty Nest, and Samantha Frazier, owner of SM Artistry.

In the Suites on Brackett, you can find Niki Osmond, a cosmetic nurse injector and body contouring expert, who owns Eau Claire Body Contouring. The interior designer who designed the Suites on Brackett and Reign, Brian, also has a suite for his business called Brian David Design. If you’re looking to give your locks a new look, you can visit The Hair Refinery, Eleanor James Hair, Lindsay Does My Hair, and Tru Reverie, which are all located within the Suites.

“Having multiple businesses under one roof where we all work collectively together and feel like a family is a very special feeling for me. I have this amazing space where everyone feels comfortable and confident,” Joles said. “I get to watch people grow and at the end of the day, that’s so worth it for me.”

In the future, Joles would love to continue to expand her space to bring in more small businesses or add to her own. But for now, Joles wants to continue to bring her clients and her fellow business owners a safe and relaxing place to come and leave looking and feeling beautiful.

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