Soul, Synergy, and More: Metaphysical Shop Now Open

experience new worlds of energetic healing and magical merchandise at Soul and Synergy

Carlee Shimek

DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? Owners Terry Flick (right) and Danny Loosemore (left) open shop full of mysticism and healing. (Submitted Photos)

Discover the mystifying powers of reiki healing, divination, drum washing, and more. Soul and Synergy, 1233 Menomonie St., Eau Claire is now open for curious minds to peruse their collection of beautiful jewelry and crystals, candles, and books on topics like runes, scrying, and any manner of mysticism you can think of.

“This is a place for community, so we want them to be comfortable, to be able to learn,” said co-owner Terry Flick. “It’s here for people to heal. To get what they need.”

Along with the plethora of magical merchandise, folks can partake in the different teachings and healings on metaphysical practices. Flick and co-owner Danny Loosemore are both reiki masters – a technique for spiritual and energetic healing.

“The practitioner is the conduit for the energy to provide healing to the client, whether that be physical, emotional, [or] psychological type of healing,” said Loosemore about the practice of reiki. “[It] provides a kind of mindfulness and grounding for the client too, which helps with anxiety and depression and other mental health.”

Soul and Synergy has two other specialists of metaphysical healings, including Tamara Schimmel, a shamanistic practitioner, and Troy Brostrom, who works with both reiki and quantum healing hypnosis techniques.

Flick and Loosemore offer classes to learn these metaphysical methods of healing, along with experiencing a session of your own. Their shop also has a day room that other practitioners, such as card readers, numerologists, and astrologists can rent out for their own teachings.

A soon-to-be-retired school bus driver of 23 years, Flick discovered reiki at a wellness fair, where he described it as a truly out-of-body experience calling him to this lifestyle of metaphysics. From becoming a reiki master to renting out his own room at Soulstice Wellness Center to practice reiki healing, Flick said the natural next step for him and Loosemore was to open their own metaphysics shop.

“When things are put in front of you, you need to act on them,” Flick said. “We are manifesting our dreams.”

Folks should check out Soul and Synergy to quench their curiosity and expand their mind’s openness. Flick said, “the biggest thing in this world is to be open to change.”

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