FOREST HEALING: Silvasano Brings All-Natural Pain Relief Products to Eau Claire

all-natural ingredients and an emphasis on family and sustainability at the core of new local business

Parker Reed, photos by Trenity White

FOCUS ON FAMILY: Trenity White (left), son Atticus White (middle), and Emily Severson are the family foundation at the forefront of the new Eau Claire-based company Silvasano.
FOCUS ON FAMILY. Trenity White (left), his son Atticus (middle), and partner Emily Severson are the family foundation at the forefront of the new Eau Claire-based company Silvasano. (Submitted photo)

Family, healing, and a commitment to sustainable practices are the foundation of a new Eau Claire-based business.

“We’ve been trying to live healthier lives, and be more natural the past few years,” said Trenity White, co-owner of topical treatment company Silvasano. “Somewhere along the way, pain is going to arise for people, and we want to give them an all-natural and organic solution to their pain.” 

Silvasano, a new company operating out of Eau Claire, offers all-natural products that are devoid of harmful pesticides and other chemicals in an effort to create a cleaner and healthier product. The business was founded in late 2021 by local photographer Trenity White and his partner Emily Severson, beginning with their trademark wild nettle rub blend – a topical rub aimed to reduce inflammation, pain, and relieve stress through aromatherapy. 

“Our products combine a number of different ingredients that blend well into the finished product,” Severson said. “It’s a great way for us to combine our family and business to keep it grounded and healthy.”

we want to give an all-natural and organic solution to their pain.

trenity white

co-owner of silvasano

The ingredients included in Silvasano’s products are harvested by hand by the duo on their 10 acres of family-owned land on the outskirts of Eau Claire. The main ingredient in their wild nettle rub blend is stinging nettle – an often overlooked ingredient. White said it can promote noticeable pain relief for arthritis, tension, sprains, dry skin, and more.

“A lot of people think stinging nettle is just some weed that grows in a ditch or a pesty plant you find somewhere,” White said. “But when you take a look back at its history, it’s actually a really powerful herb. It’s something we think is underutilized and helps set us apart from other similar types of products.”

Currently, Silvasano offers one product that is available in local shops such as Wissota Chiropractic, The French Press, Gonstead, Spangle & Arkowski Chiropractic Offices, as well as online orders, but there are big plans in motion at the company. Silvasano plans to transition to sourcing 100% of their products on their own land, start a greenhouse operation, launch a bee farm for lip balm, then add items such as skincare products, lip balm, and sunscreen to their product line. 

“I’ve had flank pain from kidney issues and scoliosis as well as pain in my wrist lately,” said customer Samantha Raspotnik. “I applied Silvasano to my problem areas and soon after forgot they were a problem. I have sensitive skin, so I can rarely find something that doesn’t cause a breakout, and this is it.” 

The immediate next step for White and Severson is to add two new currently unnamed products to their line: a rub to target those experiencing eczema, and a more intense rub to target more severe pain. While the company is new to the Eau Claire community, White and Severson hope to bring healing to the broader Chippewa Valley through naturally sourced products.

For more information on Silvasano and their products, you can visit their website or their Facebook page