Take on The Summit

wellness conference encourages connectedness and curiosity

Caitlin Boyle, photos by Andrea Paulseth


Next month, the Chippewa Valley will host a two-day wellness summit that will challenge peoples’ minds, bodies, and souls to reach for something more while connecting with others.

“The Summit: Rise Up” is scheduled for March 7 at the Lismore Hotel in downtown Eau Claire.

The Summit is the brainchild of Amy Erickson – owner and founder of Latitude 44 Yoga Studio and The Well, a downtown fitness center – along with other thought leaders and advocates of wellness. 

“The Summit is a day of education and inspiration, a way for us to dive in and discover how we can continue on this journey of becoming our best selves,” Erickson said.

Erickson wants people to have more connection, more awareness, more curiosity, more collaboration, more joy, and more light in leading and living authentically. In short, she wants the community to come together with openness to new ideas to maintain a healthy lifestyle and learn other ways to keep that mentality going.

The Summit kicks off on Friday, March 6, with a 3-7pm check-in at Latitude 44 Yoga Studio, 313 E. Madison St. Those who register will want to keep that time and date in mind because it is the only time they will be able to receive swag bags. Saturday is the big day with early morning check-in at The Lismore at 7am. The main events begin at 8am with a yoga session and conclude at 6:30pm. 

More than a dozen educators will guide people throughout the day. Erickson will deliver a keynote speech at 9am, and then attendees will be free to explore practices and techniques with breakout sessions throughout the day. Erickson says those sessions will vary from physically based workshops all the way into spiritual experience.

The weekend doesn’t come to a complete end on Saturday night. While separate from The Summit, Destination Yoga will be offered to those who want to extend the weekend. It will be held in the Fireside Room of ECDC located on the first floor of The Lismore at 8:30 Sunday morning. Those who decide to participate in Destination Yoga are encouraged to stay after for discounted brunch at The Informalist. 

Erickson says while many may think The Summit is a yoga conference, the cultural misconception of what yoga is feels limiting, so she is setting the limiting terminology aside. She wants people to find joy in “connection” because when they do better, they know better. The Summit’s goal is to have attendees connect with other curious souls through thought-provoking content, education, and “ah-ha” moments. Whether they refer to The Summit as a wellness summit or empowerment expo, Erickson and the other curators hope people just decide to lean in and join them.

The Summit will take place Saturday, March 7, at the Lismore Hotel, 333 Gibson St., Eau Claire. You can find more information about tickets and prices at thesummiteauclaire.com. Questions should be directed to the hosts and curators of The Summit at Latitude 44 Yoga Studio by calling (715) 828-3936 or emailing info@latitude44yoga.com.