Forward Passed: How Dorais Field Got Its Name

more than a century ago, Gus Dorais – a future Notre Dame star and NFL coach – got his first taste of football stardom in Chippewa Falls

Over the last four decades thousands of football players have played at Dorais Field in Chippewa Falls. So, who exactly was Gus Dorais? In short, he was one of the most important figures of football in the first half of the 1900s ...

Could They Go All the Way?

Packers, Badgers poised for big successes … if they can play defense

One could make the case that the Green Bay Packers and Wisconsin Badgers are on the cusp of historic football seasons. With a roster full of receiving talent and a future Hall Of Famer to throw the ball to said talent ...

2016 Regional Football Schedules

Above: Aaron Rodgers, as if you didn't already know that. GREEN BAY PACKERS Sun, Sep. 11 at Jacksonville Jaguars 12pm // Sun, Sep. 18 at Minnesota Vikings 7:30pm // Sun, // Sep. 25 vs Detroit

New-Look Blugolds

UWEC launches new era with redesigned football uniforms

Most sports fans base their excitement for a coming season upon new player acquisitions, a new coach, or a potential for a breakthrough to a championship. For me – resident uniform/logo geek ...

Ready for Kickoff

season outlook is pretty strong for the Packers, while Vikings, Blugolds are expected to struggle

Regardless of any given team’s realistic chances for success in a given season, all teams have a degree of hope as training camp begins. Some are picked to go all the way, some to make the playoffs, some to be “on the clock” for next year’s draft before this season is done ...

Working for the Big Leagues

a UW-Stout student recently completed an internship with the NFL

We hear plenty about cool places to work. Take Silicon Valley with the game-like atmospheres in the Googles of the world, or perhaps sliding into an investment firm on Wall Street and racking up commissions in the millions in your twenties. For whatever reason, many of us might overlook ...

... If They Stay Healthy

the eternal preseason caveat holds sway in 2015 predictions

Preparing predictions in the preseason can be perilous. A common saying is that “Team X will be good if they stay healthy,” which may prove particularly prescient for the Packers. As we prepare for the Fourth Annual Athletic Aesthetic Football Preview, understand that the guesses ...