It’s Time To Consider Your Tax Situation

how federal and state taxes will impact you this year

Admit it – when you think of a certified public accountant, your mind goes straight to the image of someone punching numbers into an adding machine in a dimly lit office with stacks of paper everywhere. But today’s environment of virtual meetings, electronic ...

PROTECT YOUR PIN: State Offers Identity Safeguard for Filers

state offers extra layer of identity protection for taxpayers

The 2022 individual income tax filing season opened Jan. 24, and the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is now offering an extra layer of identity protection for taxpayers. The department’s new Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN program is another way it is securing a taxpayer’s personal information. Once a taxpayer requests and receives their Wisconsin Identity Protection PIN ...

7 Unique Things to Do with Your Loved One’s Ashes

ways to celebrate the lives of the ones you’ve lost

Traditional casket burials can be clunky, expensive, and downright terrible for the environment. That’s why more than half of Americans are now opting to be cremated after they die. Not only is it easy, but there are also cool and ...

Making Peace: Death Doula Works to Eliminate Fearful Stigmas

death doulas provide non-medical support at the end of life

“It’s so taboo in America to talk about death,” said Betsy Munro Jeffrey, a Chippewa Falls-based death doula. “Death rates hold steady at 100%, yet we fear and deny that it will happen to us.”

What Are Powers of Attorney, and Why Do You Need Them?

an Eau Claire attorney answers questions about some vital documents you should have

It’s no exaggeration that most of of would rather think of anything else than about making challenging end-of-life decisions. But those decisions inevitably will have to be made ...

Tax-Aide Program Offers Free Help

AARP program provides free tax assistance; appointments a required

AARP Foundation Tax-Aide – which provides free tax-preparation assistance with an emphasis on helping taxpayers who are over 50 or have low to moderate incomes ...

Powers of Attorney: For Money and for Health

What’s the difference between a healthcare and financial power of attorney?

“Power of Attorney” sounds significant and complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Designating this power to a trusted spouse, family member, or friend is essential to making sure your interests ...

Tax Season in Wisconsin

what you should know about what you owe

Wisconsin’s tax season, like the federal tax season, officially began on Jan. 27. Filing activity is typically most brisk during the first few weeks and the last few weeks of the season ...

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