Small Favors Add up

little ways to help new parents adjust to their little ones

Briana Novacek

Having a baby is a huge transitional event that changes so much about a couple’s lifestyle and schedule. From late-night fast food runs to 2am diaper changes and from dinner dates to Netflix dates on the couch, life sure changes. For the friend or family member of a new parent, it can be unclear what will be helpful. You may be wondering, Do they need my help? And what would I do anyway?

Having experienced the newborn phase myself a couple of years ago, I have several ideas for you to be of help to new parents. 

Feed them

This one is at the top of the list for a reason. With the exhaustion of constant feedings and diaper changes, no one feels like cooking. If you make a meal for your new parent friends and bring it to them, or buy them food from their favorite restaurant, they’ll love you forever. (Check out to set up an organized system for volunteers to bring meals.)

Feed them, part two

Even though new parents might not feel like cooking, they will still need groceries. But even getting out of the house to shop can feel overwhelming. With grocery pickup, it’s easy! Your friend can order what they want online, and then you can be the hero, pick it up and bring it to them! Check out these local stores that offer grocery pickup: Walmart, Woodman’s, Festival Foods, and Family Fare in Chippewa Falls.

Clean their house

Many of us struggle to keep our homes clean without a newborn baby, but if you’re sleep deprived, cleaning will definitely be put on the back burner. Go over to the new parent’s house and do their dishes or a load of laundry. Not very into cleaning yourself? Check out a local cleaning service, such as AMK Cleaning Services.

Buy them diapers and wipes

You can never have too many, I promise. Just check ahead for what size they’re using and their favorite brand.

Hold baby while Mom or Dad take a nap or a shower

Rest and “me time” can be hard to come by as a new parent. All you have to do to give that gift to your friend is hold their cute baby for a few minutes.

Tell them they’re doing a great job

Every new parent doubts themselves as they learn the ropes of parenting. What does that cry mean? Did I feed him enough? Is she happy? Give their ego a boost by reminding them that they’re doing a fantastic job at raising their little one. Note: keep your unsolicited advice to yourself.

Give them space – don’t overstay your welcome

If you stop by to see new parents and the baby, just make sure not to settle in too much. Remember, they’re sleep deprived and exhausted. Say hello, hopefully drop off some food or clean something, and be on your merry way.


Aside from this practical list, the best thing you can do for a new parent is to let them know that you’ve got their back. Personally, I will always remember the people who were there for me during those early baby days. Small acts of love make a big difference.

Babies! is sponsored by:

Mayo Clinic Health System
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Babies! is sponsored by:

Mayo Clinic Health System
1221 Whipple St.
Eau Claire