Advice From Young Chippewa Valley Leaders

Nicole Lincoln

Aaron Brice
Aaron Brice

Everyone has something they wish they had known when going through a major life event.  Previously, Volume One explored that idea by coming up with a list of things we wish we’d had when we moved into our own homes. This year, we took a slightly different tack by reaching out to prominent young locals to find out what advice they would have offered themselves as they set off into the world on their own.

Founder of Ambient Inks

“Such a weird, figure-it-out-as-you-go time of life. I’d suggest finding a contemplative practice that allows space with the inevitable changes ahead. This could be music, art, yoga, meditation, it really doesn’t matter, just something to channel things in a positive way, versus distracting/resisting. Oh, and get an Instant Pot!”

Aaron started a printing business with his friend Tim out of a garage; now they have a place on Water Street where they can show their creativity and hard work. Taking time to do activities that are enjoyable are universal among youth and adults, using that energy can be a great stress reliever. Also, getting an Instant Pot is a great investment, so many quick meals! Don’t look back, always look forward.

CV Peterson
CV Peterson

Local Artist

“Budget – know your mandatory expenses, what you would like to set aside for your fun expenses, that will allow you to see how your income can work for you. It’s not good when you buy art supplies rather than food: a starving artist isn’t normally a productive one.”

CV is an artist and owner of the artist retreat Envisage in Chippewa Falls. Their goal is to provide a space for artists to bring their expertise and culture to the Chippewa Valley with the help of local sponsorship. Budgeting is something I wish I was told when I was in high school, which is the best time to teach young adults before they live on their own.

Joe Luginbill
Joe Luginbill

Youngest Local Elected Official

“Make time for people in your life who challenge you and make you a better person. Cook for yourself and learn some useful recipes that are easy, healthy, and affordable. There is simply no substitute for working hard towards a goal that you are passionate about. Outline a full budget and make sure to set aside some savings for fun! Don’t be afraid - everything is going to be OK!”

Joe is not only the youngest but also Chippewa Valley’s favorite elected official, according to the Best of the Chippewa Valley Reader Poll. He was elected to the Eau Claire school board in 2015 and became its president in 2018. He is also an entrepreneur, an activist for the LGBTQ community, and an advocate for child welfare. Along with learning to cook, having the utensils needed for recipe helps as well. There have been times I’ve cooked something new and didn’t have the right tools or spices. Joe’s nuggets of advice can all go hand-in-hand with each other and make up a great part of adulthood.