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Ep 20: Live Smart, Not Hard: Tools and Strategies for Making Life Easier

Guest Laura Plummer discusses how assistive technology can impact an individual's ability to age independently later on in life.

December 7, 2023

According to the AARP, nearly 90% of adults age 50 and older – across all health status categories, incomes, and races – want to age in place and remain at home. In order to do so, some may consider using assistive technology (A.T.) to help facilitate independence at home.

In this episode, Laura Plummer, the assistive technology program coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Health Services, sits down with host Lisa Wells to discuss assistive technology. From low-tech/no-tech devices like reachers and remote controls to high tech systems like smart home devices, Plummer offers a host of information and advice on how to maintain your independence during the later stages of life.

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