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Ep 15: Purposeful Living

Guest Jean Jirovec speaks on the Journey Ahead podcast about maintaining a sense of purpose as we grow older

November 28, 2022

When our purpose is no longer defined by the roles we used to play, how do we find meaning in life? In this episode, Jean Jirovec, a retired marriage and family therapist with more than 42 years of experience in the mental health field, talks with host Lisa Wells from the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Eau Claire County about feeling a loss of purpose and meaning in the later years of life and how you can address it.

Studies suggests that a sense of purpose promotes healthy behaviors associated with physical and mental health. As we grow older, our sense of purpose and meaning may decrease. Jirovec offers a host of advice on combatting these feelings from resilience through connection and practicing healthy assertiveness to redefining roles to better suit us as we age.

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