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Open Positions We’re Actively Hiring for Now

Retail Sales Associate & Front Desk (The Local Store)

posted March 14, 2023

The Local Store is a high-energy and fun place to work, where you can meet hundreds of locals who love this community, and visitors from all over the world who come to learn what makes Eau Claire great! Be part of not only the retail operation day-to-day, but also many fantastic events both in-store and in the community, and serve as an upbeat front desk rep for the office of Volume One.

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Marketing Director

(brand new position)

JOB PREVIEW: Enjoy a taste of the best in-house and agency work in this new position with Volume One (and a robust slate of clients!) to lead both cutting-edge and tried-and-true marketing efforts including content, digital, video, social, print, email, and more.

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Editorial Director

(brand new position)

JOB PREVIEW: Lead a small team of talented writers, editors, and photographers (as well as dozens of community contributors) on all aspects of content production and audience growth strategy for multiple channels including digital, print, social media, video, and more.

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Multi-Media / Video Producer

(brand new position)

JOB PREVIEW: Collaborate with our existing video, editorial, and marketing teams to plan and produce high-quality video content for Volume One, for clients, and for the community, with a focus on efficient, professional, and polished production and post-production.

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We’re always open to talent!

Yes, we might post a job when it comes open, but we also might simply discover a great person and slot them in without posting the job, or create a role just for them when the conditions are right. So it’s good to get on our radar now!

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Editorial, Content, & Writing Roles

Create impactful content about and for your community on an insightful team made up of editors, writers, producers, and thinkers of all kinds.

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Design, Video, & Photo Roles

Collaborate with other visual creatives and content producers to make dynamic and beautiful layouts, advertising, branding, videos, photography, and more.

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Advertising, Marketing, Sales & Business Roles

Help keep the lights on and things on track by working in the community to help local businesses, discover beneficial relationships, and uncover new revenue opportunities.

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Community, Events, & Development Roles

Directly engage with the community through hugely popular, culture-shaping events, programs, and partnerships to move the valley forward.

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Retail & Administrative Roles

Be part of the retail team at the front desk in The Local Store and/or out in the community at events and festivals, or work in the office to help keep things running smoothly.

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