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Food Not Bombs

local chapter of national group fights to feed the starving

Alissa Peterson

How about doing something extra economy- and environment-friendly this summer? Serve up vegan meals to those in need at local parks with the local branch of Food Not Bombs.

The Bluebirds On Our Shoulders

Girl Scout’s national Bluebird Festival tradition started right here in the Valley

Alissa Peterson, photos by Cal McNeil

Our local Girl Scouts help the area with a lot more than our Thin Mint quotient. It’s true. Seriously. In 2007 Eau Claire troop leader Shelly Volk founded the Bluebird Restoration Project in honor of a lost friend.

Big Names Head to Business Expo (Via Satellite)

Alissa Peterson

The first Market the Valley Business Expo to pump up western Wisconsin businesses is coming to Hobbs Arena May 17-18. There will be a mix of product promotion through booths set up by Valley businesses, employment recruiting and soliciting and more!

Where My Dogs At?

authentic Chicago-style hot dog stand opens in EC

Alissa Peterson

A little chunk of meaty Chicago goodness is working its way into Eau Claire. As of April 12, Samboney’s Hot Dog Stand opened its doors at 1907 Brackett Ave. featuring classic Chicago-style hot dogs, Italian sausage, Polish sausage, and gyros.

Live Operas and Ballets Not At ... The Mall?

Alissa Peterson

It’s rare that the Chippewa Valley sees an opera or ballet, let alone one of the highest caliber. But this summer, Oakwood’s Carmike Cinemas is trying to remedy that. Carmike Cinemas is joining the Emerging Pictures network of cinemas to feature live

Locals Release Third College Life Anthology

Alissa Peterson

It has been 15 years since Patti See and Bruce Taylor started putting together Higher Learning: Reading and Writing About College, a text both for and written by college students, and intended for college orientations and composition classes.

Either Oar: Oceanic Rower

Alissa Peterson

Last year, a 22-year-old woman from Ohio oared her way across the Atlantic Ocean in 70 days to bring a spotlight on the worldwide need for clean drinking water. Now she’s coming to Eau Claire to stress the importance of the same issue.

Art in Motion

'Before the Frost' hits Eau Claire city buses

Alissa Peterson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Since 2000, Eau Claire area schools and artists have been participating in the Art on the Bus movement where they help to beautify public transportation. Coordinated by Paula Gorski, Art on the Bus ...

Breaking the Law Never Felt So Fresh

the guerilla gardening movement

Alissa Peterson

Last spring a group in Stevens Point got arrested on a four-acre downtown lot that has sat unused for 15 years. Their crime? Trespassing and trying to build a series of raised garden beds.

Every Buddy's Bar Stakes Claim in Area Music Scene

Alissa Peterson

Just as they hoped when they opened last fall, Every Buddy’s Bar in Chippewa Falls is ramping up their presence in the music scene. They’ve recently hosted acts like Frozen Tundra, Letters from Earth, and Silenize.

Dancing Around the Issues

2011’s Danceworks show interprets everyday worries

Alissa Peterson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“To watch us dance is to hear our hearts speak” is the theme of UWEC’s popular and celebrated annual production of DanceWorks, an event that every spring involves students from nearly every department come together to perform routines ...

Set the Stage

the communication power of theater

Alissa Peterson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Between the Educational Theatre Association and the American Alliance for Theater and Education, not to mention the loads of research studies out there, there’s some striking proof that involvement in theater builds communication ...

Teddy’s Tube Steaks

this isn’t your ordinary hot dog shop ...

Alissa Peterson, photos by Leah Dunbar

It’s the weekend. You’ve been at the bars, and you’re hungry. Where to go? If you’re gracing Broadway Street in Menomonie, the only logical answer would be Teddy’s Tube Steaks (617 S Broadway).

Local Prof's Work Used to Brand Winter Carnival

Alissa Peterson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The artwork of UW-Stout art professor Tim Tozer was recently featured at the St. Paul Winter Carnival, and will be for the next two years as well.