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It's easy enough to find somewhere to go have a drink, grab some food, or take in a show in the Chippewa Valley. But trying to find a spot where you can hide out and take in the show that is called the human race? That is a prospect only a few locations can provide. Phoenix Park (330 Riverfront Terrace, Eau Claire) comes as no surprise at the top of our list. Come to the river for the farmer’s market or Music in the Park, and take it all in. Games, animals, exhibits, and entertainment offer plenty, but the swarm of unique people from far and wide having a good time make the Northern Wisconsin State Fair (225 Edward St., Chippewa Falls) worth the trip. Is it judgmental and a little weird to people-watch at Walmart (3915 Gateway Drive, Eau Claire)? Probably. But Volume One Readers know for every side-eye they give, there’s two looking back right at them. –Cullen Ryan