Get a Jolt From Eau Claire’s Planned Car Charging Station

City Council approves device in Forest Street parking lot

Julie Quinn |

An electric car getting charged. (Photo by Name here | CC BY 2.0)
An electric car getting juiced. (Photo by Karlis Dambrans | CC BY 2.0)

Eau Claire is one step closer to reaching its sustainability goal – 100% renewable energy and carbon neutrality – by 2050.

The Eau Claire City Council approved the installation of a new electric car charging station located in the Forest Street Public Parking Lot on the corner of Forest and East Madison streets 10-0 on Tuesday, Sept. 8. The project is partially funded by Xcel Energy’s new electric vehicle program, which is dedicated to lowering the installation cost of EV charging equipment. Xcel Energy will provide up to $20,880 for the electrical connection to the vehicle charging station location. Xcel Energy-Wisconsin headquarters are in Eau Claire.

“Electric vehicles are a great opportunity for our business customers to save money on transportation costs,” Mark Stoering, president of Xcel Energy-Wisconsin, said in a press release. “Moving forward on EV programs not only benefits the EV owners, but everyone by reducing carbon emissions and air pollution.”

According to Ned Noel, associate city planner, the project will likely be completed by the end of the year. For more information, email or visit