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Environment On Campus

UW-Stout Stays Green While Moving Out

Lauren Fisher |

Couches, futons, televisions, and more find new homes or get recycled at the end of the school year when Habitat for Humanity, Dunn County Solid Waste, and UW-Stout team up for the Spring Move Out in Menomonie. Members of the Student Athlete Advisory Council and the Sustainability Steering Committee staffed the event while the Menomonie Police Department promoted the event to landlords. Marketing was handled by the university’s sustainability office. “This year’s Spring Move Out was one of our best yet,” said Sarah Rykal, UW-Stout sustainability manager, who noted the event has been held for about a dozen years. “Our students were really thankful for a place to drop off items they no longer needed, and we were happy to be able to donate and recycle a number of them.” Items in good condition were donated to Habitat for Humanity for resale. The proceeds from these sales help the organization build homes for families in need. Computers, electronics, and scrap metal from the event will be recycled, and VCR tapes, DVDs, and CDs will be converted to energy. “This is a great thing to have for students,” Kelsea Goettl, a senior studying environmental science, said of Spring Move Out. “When students are leaving they don’t have a lot of time to drop their items off at different places. All the community participants are right here in one easy, accessible place. It’s a one-stop shop.”