The Parks Guru

Eau Claire’s Phil Johnson opts for the private sector

Trevor Kupfer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Public spaces define areas in a community, and each of those areas is better because of them.

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Bike to the Future

commission wants input on the city’s biking needs

Heidi Kraemer, photos by Andrea Paulseth

This is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved in the improvement of our community. The committee is eagerly awaiting public input.

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Polo on Wheels (with pictures!)

group in Menomonie reintroducing bike polo

Betty Nikia, photos by Jesse Johnson

Bike polo has been making a comeback from the early 1900s through fixed gear culture and Christenson wanted to be a part of that resurgence.

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Tour d’Eau Claire

bicycle community event centers on messenger-style race

Emily Diehl, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Tour d’Eau Claire is more than a race; it’s a bicycle awareness event.

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