Cheat Sheets: "Is This Place Cool?" Checklist

•Turn on all light switches to see if they do, indeed, produce light

•Check each power outlet (use a small appliance like a hairdryer or waffle iron)

•Turn on the sink and bathtub faucets

•Check for leaks or slow/plugged drains

•Flush toilet, check for leaks

•Look for smoke detectors and fire extinguishers

•Check ceiling and walls for cracks and water stains

•Check the locking mechanisms on doors

•Check the locks on all the windows

•How well sealed are the windows? (Will you pay a ton for heat/air?)

•Inspect furnace and/or air conditioner: Are they well-maintained?

•Check hot water: Is it the proper temperature?

•Check for exit lights

•Is the exterior of the building well-lit and well-maintained?

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