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A Community Pivots to the ‘New Normal’

Nick Meyer

Even here in the Chippewa Valley, we’ve arrived at that moment. The one when the shock and confusion over our collective situation has largely fallen into the background, as we’re now forced to move forward, contemplate, and comply with the “new normal” ...

Hang in there, Chippewa Valley.

Like so many organizations right now, our staff is doing everything we can to help where it makes sense, with the tools we have available to us.

Nick Meyer

Turn of the Decade

forward thinking on Eau Claire's next 10 years

video by Nick Meyer, Joel Pearish

Less than 48 hours before the dawn of 2020, we invited a group of 14 locals to sit down and talk about the decade ahead in Eau Claire.

Holy Cow, This Is Our 400th Issue of Volume One!

celebrating 400 issues of people, place, & passion

Nick Meyer

Ideas have birthdays. Just like people and events and even buildings. They have anniversaries. The largest of these milestones tend to come in ...

Restaurant Week - Celebrating & Building Our Restaurant Scene

You can be a part of the return of Restaurant Week, featuring nearly 50 restaurants, Sept. 20-29

Nick Meyer

Nearly 50 visionary restaurants in Eau Claire, Menomonie, and Chippewa Falls have signed on for the third year of Restaurant Week, offering special menus and deals with the hopes that you’ll come out to support their endeavors and celebrate their hard-working staffs.

Note from the Editor | May 29, 2018

Nick Meyer

This is it you guys. It’s here. Summer. It’s time for that annual 12-week-long Wisconsin tradition of jamming every possible outdoor activity into every waking moment of your life out of fear ...

LISTEN: Justin Vernon Talks to V1 about the City, the Festival, and His Creative World

Nick Meyer, photos by Luong Huynh

We of course covered Eaux Claires and the “no-lineup lineup” and what it means to him and the city, as well as the economics and future of the festival. He also elaborates on the plan for “scoring the fireworks” with Aaron Dessner of The National at Phoenix Park in Eau Claire on the 4th of July.

5 Hot Examples of Summer Fun

Nick Meyer

We’re all now officially headlong into that famous Wisconsin summer. It’s time to savor the many opportunities that pop up in our community this time of year, and as always, let Volume One be your guide to all there is to see, hear, do, and taste ...

Make a Splash and Make the Most of This Summer

Nick Meyer

You can feel it starting now. Summer. The most legendary of Chippewa Valley seasons. It’s when it all spills out into the backyards and beaches, to the pools and parks, to the streets and splash pads ...

Chippewa Valley Nature Festival Features Fun for All

Julia van Allen, photos by Nick Meyer

From June 1-3, the Gaylord Nelson Audubon Society will sponsor the Chippewa Valley Nature Festival, which will integrate aspects of environmentalism, conservation, and fun into the first weekend ...

A Tribute to Ray “The Menards Guy” Szmanda (1926–2018)

Nick Meyer, V1 Staff

Today the news is spreading that Ray Szmanda, the Midwest-famous “Menards Guy,” a multi-decade TV commercial pitchman for everything from paint to faucets to lumber, passed away May 6 at the age of 91. For nearly 25 years ...

Our All-New, Fancy Pants Restaurant & Bar Guide

Nick Meyer

Restaurants and bars can be huge parts of the culture of a city. As has often been written, eating is one of the few things we all must do, so it’s natural that restaurants have evolved into social gathering places ...

Intro to Local Government: Get Your Knowledge up With Some Basic Ins and Outs

Lauren Fisher, photos by Nick Meyer

Wisconsin is divided into 72 counties, which each have administrative home rule authority. This means they are able to decide how to organize and consolidate their administrative departments only as allowed or mandated by state statute or the constitution ...

Think Plaza, Not Park

Nick Meyer

After many months of public input and planning, last week the Eau Claire City Council approved the final plan for the new Haymarket Plaza, the riverfront public space between ...

Embracing Winter at the Curling Club

Nick Meyer

As I’m sure many people across the world felt these last several days, as the winter games played out on the other side of the planet in Pyeongchang, the crew at Volume One got a little caught up in Olympic fever. So last week, as part of our staff’s two-day annual meeting ...