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STAFF NOTE: Find Your Winter Success

New Volume One section helps out with Skis, Skates, Bikes, & Boards

Nick Meyer, photos by Andrea Paulseth |

There tend to be two main perspectives on winter: love it or hate it. And around here, the former is gaining steam. Sure, nobody loves navigating rough and frozen streets or shoveling wet and heavy snow, but many are discovering there can be much more to winter than its annoyances.

As the community has worked toward creating more access for people to actually get outside and enjoy winter weather, many have come to find how embracing the season can improve their seasonal physical and mental well-being. City and county governments like Eau Claire, Altoona, Chippewa Falls, and others – as well as nonprofit groups and sometimes businesses – have all continued to lay the groundwork for successful winter recreation for a broad array of user groups. Snowshoe or fat bike trails, cross country skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, curling, hockey, or even just walking or jogging down a cleared city trail are gaining in popularity.

To help facilitate this surge in interest, in this issue Volume One is launching a brand-new special section titled Skis, Skates, Bikes, & Boards – a guide for getting out on gear, in the winter, and around the year. Check it out, learn a bit more, and consider trying out an activity or two. You never know, your outlook on winter just might evolve.