TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE HEART: Unicorn Eclipse Expands in Space and Products

local sisters see booming growth in a short time selling their unique stationary products

Sawyer Hoff

SO DREAMY. Unicorn Eclipse released a plethora of new products for their Black Friday sale. (Submitted Photo)
DREAMY AND DARLING. Unicorn Eclipse released a plethora of new products for their Black Friday sale. (Submitted photos)

Since Volume One last chatted with Hleeda and Chia Lor back in May this year, their online stationery store Unicorn Eclipse has grown exponentially and released tens of exciting new products. On top of that, they’ve hired two part-time assistants to help with quality checks and cutting stickers, since business is keeping the sister duo so busy.

All of Unicorn Eclipse’s designs are created by Chia and Hleeda (a former V1 graphic designer, woot woot!) and they sell their designs in the form of sticky notes, notepads, stickers, bookmarks, and their newest products: cork coasters, linked keychains, pencil cases, note cards, and notebooks. 

Hleeda (left) and Chia (right) Lor. (Photo via
Hleeda (left) and Chia (right) Lor. (Photo via

“We are really grateful and proud of ourselves,” Hleeda and Chia said. “We are especially so grateful for our online community that we have built over the past couple of years in addition to our amazing support system of family and friends.”

The duo just wrapped up their early Black Friday sale but are working on something special for their two-year anniversary, which is coming up this January. They will also be selling their products at UW-Stout for the HMong New Year, which is being hosted by the Hmong Stout Student Organization on Dec. 3 from 10am-5pm in the university's Multipurpose Room located in the Johnson Fieldhouse.

Both Hleeda and Chia are very passionate about uplifting the voices and work of other local creatives, especially people of color and women. They want to empower other small business owners to take risks and start doing what they truly love, the way both Hleeda and Chia have.

“Don’t be afraid to do what you want,” they said. “It can be scary at first not doing what everyone else is doing or tells you to. It can also be scary not knowing where to start. But genuinely do things because it aligns with your values/passion. There may be people who doubt you or your abilities but stay true to yourself and recognize your worth. If you have an idea, don’t be afraid to try it out and make it your own. Everything is ‘figure-outable.’ Be willing to learn along the way, invest in building a community, and find your voice in your niche. There is room for everyone.”

Check out their products and future sales at Keep up with the Lor duo and see Unicorn Eclipse behind-the-scenes content on Instagram and TikTok.

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